And so it ends…

Zachary Quinto

…any hope i ever had of making out with Zachary Quinto. Hardi har.

Today he finally publicly admitted to what most of us have known long ago, namely that he is in fact gay. I was kind of surprised he did that because I hear he is a very private man and he has himself numerous times indicated how important his privacy is to him given the sensationalist and public world he is part of.  Yet, in a way it is relieving. It was about time he came out, especially given his social activism in this arena, in particular the “It gets better” campaign where he tells teens struggling with this that it only gets better. Well that and the fact that he publicly went on a date with Jonathan Groff.

I had a huge crush on him (can adults still say that?) when the new Star Trek came out in 2009. I even went so far as to consider going to a Trek Convention that year knowing he was going. When I found out you had to pay money to shake his hand, i was kind of turned off and actually sent him an email via his web-master asking why he would charge loyal fans money to just personally meet him. I mean what the hell. Arent they pouring enough money into buying Star Trek movies, collectors items and memorabilia? How cheap to you have to be to charge a poor fan 80 dollars for a photo op? As expected, I never heard back. Looking back that sounds pretty bitchy of me really so I am not surprised he didnt respond but still. I found it cheap and petty.

So the reason for this post is that I was just thinking that this is a mile stone moment for him; he’s come out and he made it clear to the world who he is. I cant help but thinking, however, that maybe by doing this he may have forever lost his chance of really making it in Hollywood. I assume there will be many roles he wont be cast as because he is gay. And damn, he made such a great straight pantry creamer too.

One funny personal trvia: this awesome picture shown above of Quinto is archived in my iTunes as the picture for the the song “The Wind Blows” by The All American Rejects.  Everytime that song is on, his picture pops up. I listened to it driving in the car back from seeing Star Trek in IMAX in Hollywood. This song sort of puts me right back there to that night.

Here is one to freedom for all: the freedom to be you and me.

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