Mini Review: 2012

When the World Comes DownThis movie is filled with the most obvious cliches and stereotypes anyone can come up with.  Except for the disaster and destruction scenes (which are neat I must admit), I was cringing after nearly every frame and word spoken. I dont know how anyone of these producers in Hollywood thought that in their professional, somewhat artist driven opinion, this script with its cheesy, trite dialogs and shallow, two dimensional characters was worth financing. It is one of those movies you know Hollywood studios took on for the profits at the box office only and not because of the quality of the story and acting ability of the performers. This movie seems to have been done entirely in CGI and the rest is pretty much a long sequence of one trite line uttered after another. It’s a great popcorn movie if you just want to spend an evening with mindless entertainment, but if you expect something plausible and with quality, skip this one.

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