Mini Review: Basic Instinct 2

Psychobabble stylized

I dont know who had to do what and for what amount in order to get this movie produced. No, I take it a step further – I dont know what powers were at play so that anyone could even get the chance to pitch the screenplay for this load of garbage to any Hollywood producers and execs. This movie is terrible – the plot is practically non-existent and whatever is there, just is ridiculous and lame, the acting is below sub-standard – because sub-standard at least implies a standard – the editing is terrible and the so-called sex scenes resemble soft core and  – unlike in the first movie – are anything but sexy and erotic. While watching this load of crap I was wondering over and over again why anyone would put their money, time and resources into producing and creating this excrement of a movie. Skip it. You are not missing out on anything – even if you are die hard Basic Instinct fan, still skip it.

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