Review: Leap Year

Matthew Goode and Amy Adams

This movie was so boring, trite and predictable that I actually could not finish it – and I always make it a point to finish a movie, no matter how bad. But this overdid it and was just SO BORING.

It follows the cookie-cutter recipe story of a girl trying to get to a city/person but her travel plans are interrupted due to “unforeseeable circumstances” and she has to rely on some good looking, rough-on-the-outside, chocolate-covered-candy-on-the-inside hunk with a “sensitive heart” who treats her like crap, to get to her destination. All with the obligatory falling face-down into the mud stuff and having your luggage stolen all the way to sleeping in a cozy hotel where she gets to wear a nice outfit and sweep him off his feet at the dance the same night.

Sound familiar? Yes, because it was great in “Romancing the Stone” some thirty years ago, but it is kind of lame and unoriginal in this one, as there is no comedy here and the two main characters dont have an ounce of chemistry between them. Everything is absurd and obviously set up to illicit laughs, like Adams’ character continuing to walk around in high heels on dirt roads – even though at that point she still had her luggage on her and could easily have changed to comfortable shoes. But I guess if your script and “comedy” rely on her dragging her heels through dirt, cause it’s supposed to be so funny, you cant have the character be sensible or have common sense.

Nothing like walking with high heels through muddy country roads

Needles to say that every scene is cliche and predictable and Amy Adams has a boring personality. The supposed heart-warming comedy and romance consists of scenes like Goode (main male character) actually ripping off the head of a chicken in front of her (literally rip off) and then they are seen five minutes later having a candle-light dinner over that. “Coq au Vin and vino after the slaughter”. How truly romantic. I do eat chicken, but I dont cozy up with it first and then rip its head off to devour. Totally inappropriate and tasteless.

Irish Sunet

This movie is filled with junk like that. Not only do the characters not have any chemistry between them but they also themselves lack dimension. I loved Romancing the Stone and “Moonlighting” where there is some kind of antagonism between the two main characters and the way they come closer after a lot of obstacles, but in this movie it was just fake and forced. They seriously miscasted and I could not believe how truly boring and unimaginative it was. Rom-com doesnt mean predictable, stupid and boring. I could predict what was going to happen in every frame. 

I give it one star (it didnt deserve any really) because of the gorgeous Irish landscape. Other than that I recommend looking out of the window instead of at this movie, ’cause chances are what you see happening out there is far more interesting and enticing than this comatose piece of crap with unlikable, dumb characters.

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