Review: The Back-Up Plan

Alex O'Loughlin and J'Lo

I am seriously wondering if there was some kind of nepotism or bribery of sorts involved in getting this script produced. Seriously. It is absolute garbage. The whole premise is insulting to the viewers and unrealistic. Now dont get me wrong, I am not uptight and against chick-flicks and good hearted, feel-good movies – I actually do like them – but this was seriously pushing even my limits.

So this woman (J. Lo) decides to use a turkey baster to have a baby. On the same day she just so happens to meet her dream man who likes her and wants her, no matter what (after she spent nearly 40 years not able to find at least one person to give her th time of day?). Anyway, she falls for him, we dont really know why – I guess it said so in the script so it must be true – but realizes that she is going to have a baby. So she tells this fool of a man what’s going on and he somehow decides that the woman he met like 5 minutes ago is totally worth turning his life upside down for, quitting school and his dreams etc, so he can be the father to HER children and support them. YEAH RIGHT.

Should he commit to a woman carrying someone else's child or not?

First of all, such a scenario is completely far-fetched to the point of BSing the viewers. What man is willing to commit to being a father and family man after only a week of knowing someone? If i met a man who was, I would seriously question their sanity. Secondly, there is no way that in real life someone like J Lo would be single at that age and desperate enough to have to resort to artificial insemination. That’s just not how life works. Sorry.

I give it two stars because the comedy was decent, as well as the lesbian self-help group (despite grotesque clichés of lesbians) and i do like JLo, but story and script wise I would say: such movies should give aspirting writers in Hollywood new hope because if crap like this can be produced, so can their stuff which I doubt is worse. It also means that if they do write something terrible, they need not worry, as apparently there is more going into producing a script than quality.


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