Review: When in Rome

Dumb Love and no chemistry: Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell

Any movie that takes the notion of Love at First Sight seriously and as the main plot element, is automatically doomed to failure, promising to deliver nothing more than platitudes, weak plot lines, unbelievable characters and scenarios. Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel have no chemistry. Plain as that. What we see are rehearsed lines and emotions straight from the script. Some would call it bad acting. Kristen Bell is as interesting as (and also looks like) a tub of plain yogurt. The supporting cast is unlikeable as well and no one here just really seems to fit the roles they have been assigned. This movie is seriously miscast and because of that, it feels forced and artificial. The plot is even more plastic and rehearsed, as you have two characters fall in love with each after about essentially no more than 5 sentences exchanged. And the best part is that the entire rest of this movie is based on this staged, phony three line exchange.

Josh Duhamle’s character acts like a dim witted, shallow dolt with the personality and charm of a door knob. He basically just looks good and you hope he doesnt open his mouth. Kristen Bell constantly looks like she is in rehearsal mode and never seems to really relax and get into her character and express her from the inside out. I could almost feel the film crew stand next to them, directing them what to do. Dont even ask about Duhamle’s obsessive, psycho behavior that in real life would make any sane woman run. Seriously, does anyone find it a turn on or romantic if a man they have just known for ten minutes chases them around town and confesses his soul and love to them?

If you want to see a dumb, senseless romantic movie with lame, boring, unlikeable characters, then this is the movie for you.


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