Stupid Things People Do: Buy Kim Kuntrashian’s Used, Old Outfits on Ebay

For your consideration: Stupid people without dignity.

Case in point: pissed on whore turned reality TV skank and gold digger extraordinaire Kim Kardashian has decided to sell some of her pre-owned skank outfits on ebay.

The prices range from 400 to several thousand thanks to idiotic bidders who engage in pointless bidding wars days before the auction ends (another reason you know people buying her clothes are stupid:  bidding on ebay days and hours before an auction ends only inflates the price).

The worst part is that she is merely donating a portion of the proceeds to her chosen local cult, the Life Change Community Church,  She pockets the rest. Yes, she pockets the rest.

As if the millions she makes from fake marriages and paid for publicity stunts and for being nothing but a talentless slut were not enough,  now she also sells these clothes she probably did not even pay for in the first place because chances are  – much like everything else in her life – they were handed to her as part of her endorsement and promo deals.

The sad thing is that those people buying them are probably nothing but some poor, hard working yet at the same time desperate, money-grabbing skank wanna-bes for whom 900 dollars on a cum stained dress probably constitutes a major purchase they have to save up or go into debt for. All in an attempt to be a step closer to some good-for-nothing piece of garbage who has made a mockery of everyone.


Yeah, people are stupid and the Kuntrashians found a great way to bank on and milk this immense stupidity for all it’s worth. I don’t know who is to blame: this family of high grade whores or the people that keep endorsing them.

Screenshot from her actual ebay auction page. Who are these idiots that bid days in advance? If it didn’t increase the price, I would go in and troll by bidding and hiking up the prices. Come to think of it: these stupid fans do deserve being exploited. They are asking for it.

Yeah, American keeps embracing the stupid: one celebrity, incompetent politician and bible verse at a time.



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  1. #1 by Zombie Spirituality on May 20, 2012 - 8:43 AM

    Do you hear the oldie but a goodie about Obama recently, the Harvard article in 1991? I was sure the birther movement was crazy, I always thought if Obama was born overseas the Clintons would have drug that up during the last primary….If the Clintons can’t find dirt they must be clean is what I always said. I can send the article to you if you need to review it…..


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