War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

While we gather together this Memorial Day to honor the fallen, the veterans and military personnel in ceremonies and private remembrances – people who have died while serving their country in the line of duty – it is important to take a step back and remind ourselves of what war actually is and what it does to people.

When I think about the kinds of wars we have sent our young people to in the past two or three decades, I can’t help but feel a great sense of sadness and betrayal to those who have fallen.

Contrary to what our leaders with often questionable motives tell us, war is not romantic or heroic.

War is destruction, mutilation and devastation,  leaving those going to war and at war, physical, emotional and spiritual wrecks. Going to war to defend your country is one thing, but to go to war preemptively or for political reasons – as has been the case for the most part in the past two decades – is not heroic and it is certainly not worthy of an enlightened nation.

We should not celebrate, we should mourn our war mongering and use this day to rethink our policies, especially in light of the war drums being beaten against Iran.

On this day, while people fire up the grills and decorate the decks with patriotic colors and hold a moment of silence, I can’t help but feel a great sense of sadness and disappointment over the fact that most of these same people don’t truly understand the consequences of war and starting next week will probably come around cheering for another confrontation  – this time against Iran – based on lies and manipulations of our political leaders and the entities they serve and are enslaved to (hint: it is not the American people).

It also saddens me to know that the people we buried and honor now,  have lost their lives not to defend their country, but due to political game playing and posturing and power tripping of the leaders they entrusted with their lives.

Mandatory military service during declared war time would reduce the number of politically motivated fiascoes and save us thousands of lives and trillions in treasure.

There are wars that absolutely must be fought, and there are all the others that are a slap in the face of our servicemen and their families.

In the end we have to realize, as a nation but mostly as human beings, that the answers to our problems as a country and human kind in general cannot ever be solved through warfare and violence, but through diplomacy and cooperation. And while the above picture with the little girl holding the flag amid a graveyard might really seem adorable, remember all those grave stones behind her each represent dead human beings who probably did not have to die if it had not been for the irresponsible decision making of their leaders.

When i think of people cheering for the troops and war like it was a sports game, I can’t help but feel a great sense of nausea in the pit of my stomach. All these celebrations are meaningless if we don’t leanr from the past and continue with business as usual.

Today, people are making both a mockery of themselves  as well as the veterans and thus those who have fallen. They honor them now but tomorrow they’ll be back at square one cheering once again for war against Iran or whatever country Israel has come up with this time and forget everything said today.

Thousands of Americans dead to fight a fraudulent war, mass deficit and people think they have a clean slate, like a walk to the confession booth, for having “honored” the troops with patriotic colors and a bbq. Tomorrow everyone will go back to business as usual because somehow they have been manipulated into thinking that war is honorable and inevitable.

War should always be the last resort and only to defend oneself, because contrary to what our leaders and even pop culture like to tell us, war is not peace, ignorance is not strength and slavery (of the mind) is not freedom.


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