Breaking News: Kate Middleton Gets Her Hair Done Three Times a Week

Yeah. Easy money is easily spent. Kate Middleton, royal mooch-in-law of the biggest mooch family in the world – the British crown – gets blow-outs three times a week. Isn’t it amazing? What a woman. Never done a hard day’s work (or any work for that matter) in her life and she fills the time between shopping sprees,  world tours and endless parties with getting her hair done. The sad thing is that this is an Exclusive in Us Weekly.

If I was an unemployed mooch receiving money I never had to work for a day in my life, I would blow it on all sorts of stuff as well.

But really, isn’t it just pathetic that of all the things you can report on a human being with crap loads of money that she could use to do good with – or just use for herself in some meaningful way – the breaking news is that in fact she spends it getting her hair done three times a week? Do the royals and the minions (in the UK and US alike) who worship and follow them really believe this to be a source of pride? And more to the point, this is what Americans like? Royalty? A bunch of freeloaders who are rich and wealthy for no other reason than a long established tradition that says so?


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  1. #1 by Mr Weekender on June 30, 2012 - 12:04 PM

    Yeah to be honest getting your hair done is not the biggest of crimes. Kate Middleton is very open about her spending and usually shops in what they call over here “high street shops”, which for those who dont know are box standard clothes shops. She doesn’t wear that much make up, her skin colour is real and she’s all natural – no plastic surgery in sight. Most of her designer dresses are contributions, for obvious reasons and they (William and her) mostly shun what would be described as a wealthy lifestyle and are living in a place called Anglsey in North Wales. Her husband the Prince is a rescue helicopter pilot and great supporter of charities and most notably connected to trying to save the Black Rhinos of South Africa. I don’t find either of them in the least bit offensive, in fact I think that they may even play a larger role in the future in turning the tide against the shallow and vacuous way of life that has begun to gain acceptance here in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

    I believe a certain section of the human race will always act in a shallow and vacouos way, it’s up to the intelligent people to stand together and see them relegated to their proper place in the world. Their pathetic exploits are constantly paraded through the media, as being the right way for people to live their lives. Well it’s time to say fuck you to that shit!

    • #2 by popreflection on June 30, 2012 - 4:03 PM

      Sense of humor, sense of humor. The fact that this person, with so much money and title, has the depth of a puddle spending her time getting her hair done three times a week is funny. It is funny in a really sad, pathetic way. She is a waste if you ask me, since she a) never worked for any of that money and b) the biggest headline about her is about her grooming habits and hats.

      Secondly: i neither like nor endorse or support royalty or the concept thereof. The concept of royalty is deeply insulting to members of the human race and the peoples of the (post) Enlightenment. I also dont care “prince” William spends his free time stooping down to those mere mortals to bestow them with the great work of his charity. He is still part of that royalty and he is still na unemployed mooch whom i neither have to respect nor revere. And neither should those intelligent people you cite. Read this article for more:

  2. #3 by matt on June 21, 2012 - 1:05 PM

    “of all the things” – exactly right. one of the tragedies of consumption today is its banality. if we had world enough and time… and then they spend it on watches and botox.


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