Weekly Roundup

Romney Promises No Abortion Legislation 

Coming from him, that means nothing. He was caught on tape saying he will try to repeal Roe v Wade and now that he heard that this position won’t get him elected, he is reversing his position. When the shoe fits…

Report: US Protestants Lose Majority Status

Good. Religion is a disease anyway.

Mila Kunis Named ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ by Esquire Magazine  

What people don’t understand is that behind the magazine covers you get to see as the final product , there is a TEAM – not just one or two people – a TEAM of stylists, make up artists, hair dressers, wardrobe specialists and film and lighting crew having equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars – working together make this happen. These people don’t really look like that.

I was reading once that the lighting alone costs 30 thousand dollars because they use the kind of light and lenses that really enhance favorable features and subdue the unattractive features and flaws. To crown a celebrity as most gorgeous given the above is kinda unfair and inaccurate. Most human beings look pretty darn gorgeous with a team of personal stylists behind them. That is not an accomplishment. You wanna know what they really look like? Take a look at shots of them without make up. THAT is what they really look like.

To evaluate someone’s beauty based on what they look like after a stylist team is through with them is like evaluating an athlete’s abilities after they have done steroids

New Medicare Legislation Imposes Fines on Hospitals for Readmitting Patients 

How is this helping people? When someone who is sick with cancer goes to the hospital, inevitably complications will arise and they may have to go back again. This kind of needing to be readmitted scenario is especially the case for people with illnesses like kidney failure or similar ailments that are at a stage where multiple hospitalization is required. This law is awful because instead of putting healing first, it puts the bottom line first. So now health care providers, scared of the fine, will just not admit people who need to be readmitted. What an awful “fix”. Shame on Obama whom I actually do support. His mother died of cancer precisely BECAUSE the hospitals and insurance providers threw the book at her instead of treating her.

Michigan $1 Million Lotto Winner Who Was Charged With Welfare Fraud Found Dead

Yeah, what a fraudster and horrible human being. Two whole hundred dollars huh? She sure must have lived in the lap of luxury based on those 200 in foodstamps. As we all know, welfare recipients are totally the reason the economy is in the crapper.  I am glad that legislators and voters alike have their priorities straight in this country

California man behind anti-Islam film arrested

How truly shameful and tragic to be defeating one of our core laws and values, the First Amendment, in order to accommodate violent thugs who resort to killing and raiding and rioting over some homemade video by some random guy on another continent. All this does is send those terrorists a sign that yes, we are willing to compromise our values to accommodate your violence and that in fact violence is the answer. A Sad sad day for America. The essence of freedom of speech is that even bigots get to say what they think. Once you start defining and legislation what is acceptable to say and what is not,  there is no going back. It is sad that this very fundamental fact is being ignored by both our legislators and the public.

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