Stupid Things People Do: Eric and Ruth Brown Accept Daughter’s Birth Defect as God’s Will

Self determination and autonomy have rarely, if ever, been touched upon really in terms of actual policy formulation aimed at granting and protecting and enforcing those rights until the second half of the twentieth century when notions of human rights were formulated after World War II.

Even the Founding Fathers of this nation did not believe in human autonomy for all, which is why women got to vote some 150 years after the foundation of this nation and thus after the Declaration of Independence. When that document reads “all men are created equal“,  it really does mean all males. The Founding Fathers, in all their wisdom notwithstanding, did not recognize that women were part of mankind.

One of our – as human kind – most fundamental rights – which is a human right and something inalienable, irrespective of culture and country of origin – is the freedom to be autonomous and make decisions based on that autonomy. This is a very fundamental and important right that often does not get the important attention it deserves. Way too many people are comfortable with having that autonomy diminished or taken away from them.

Most, if not all, conflicts throughout human history leading up to today, in not only this very country but all around the world really, have been about controlling others by taking away their autonomy to choose for themselves how to live their lives, what to believe in and subsequently what choices to make.

Eric and Ruth Brown were not those people. They had a choice and the freedom to exercise that autonomy to make a choice.

Deformity and Suffering as the Creator’s Will

The couple from Nashville, Tennessee, believe that the genetic disorder that created a cleft in their daughter Pearl Joy’s upper lip and caused her brain’s development to stall in the first weeks in the womb, to be god’s will.

Things didn’t go wrong,” an apparently delusional Eric Brown said. “God has designed Pearl the way he wanted, for his glory and our good”.

This delusion has sustained the Browns ever since ultrasound revealed that the couple’s third child has alobar holoprosencephaly, a rare genetic condition that’s almost always fatal. The Browns never considered abortion. They believe that Pearl is “fearfully and wonderfully made,” as Psalm 139 puts it, and god alone should decide when she lives and when she dies.

Pearl’s  brain never divided into two hemispheres during her development in the womb, which means she is basically a crawling vegetable. “We don’t care about those things. She is here, and her brain is telling her how to live“, says Eric Brown.

The Browns are holding on to dear life, literally, as they delude themselves into believing that as long as their girl is basically still warm she should live and that her life is wonderful and a blessing, even though she has seizures on a daily basis, has a weakened immune system and has been back to the hospital at least five times in the past three months. A simple cold could kill her but “that day hasn’t come yet“, her mother says.  The Browns not only insist she is god’s gift, they also think Pearl is actually fighting.

Fighting for what is unclear. Is she fighting for a miracle? Is she  fighting for growing up being normal after all with this disease poofing out of existence much the same way this Earth poofed into existence according to the Bible?

Even skeptical neighbors, friends and acquaintance have bought into the delusion, applauding the Brown’s decision.

Kristina Guisler, a friend from the MOMS Club of East Nashville, met the Browns in 2009. When she first heard about Pearl’s condition, she said she wasn’t sure the Browns had made the right decision by continuing with the pregnancy. She wondered what kind of life Pearl would have.

But seeing the love that the Browns have for Pearl has changed her mind and strengthened her own faith.

It’s reaffirmed my faith in humanity and in the power of prayer,” she said.

The Browns aren’t the only ones suffering from serious delusions,  Nancy and David Guthrie of Nashville faced the ordeal twice: in 1998 and 2002 when their son and daughter both died in infancy from a fatal genetic condition called Zellweger syndrome. In Gabriel’s case, the Guthries learned he had Zellweger while he was still in the womb.

One of the things we learned is that great sorrow and great joy can coexist,” she said. “Because life in the image of God is so precious, there is great joy in having this one you love with you, even while there is great sorrow in knowing that this child might not grow old with you.”

I have read and seen religious people talk themselves into a whole lot of bullshit and delusions to make it through their lives, but this sure takes the height. What I find particularly disturbing is this:

“God has designed Pearl the way he wanted, for his glory and our good.”

So god, in all his wisdom and love, would afflict a child with disease, deformity and suffering? And being born with a horrible genetic disease that renders you nothing but an animated doll trapped in a painful and torturous existence at the verge of death is something god did for his glory? There is glory to be had from this? And said disease and deformity is for the good of the parents.

All the credit, but none of the blame, huh?  Hmmm maybe god is a Republican after all

But there is a broader canvas here. The above statement by the Browns is disturbing and akin to Indiana Tea Party Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s comments that pregnancies stemming from rape, however horrible, are “something that God intended to happen” – as if rape wasn’t a crime and heinous act but just something in god’s secret and elaborate plan for all of us lemmings and for “his glory and the victim’s good.”

Does that mean rape itself is part of god’s plan? And genocide? And mass killing and child rape? Most religious people would say “no” (or maybe yes), which creates all sorts of contradictions because what they are saying is that the act of rape is not god’s will but the resulting child is. In other words, god would never orchestrate a rape, but would definitely exploit a rape to impregnate a woman.

That is amazing.  Where do I sign up to worship this excellent decision-maker?

It is great that believing that there is a higher purpose to their suffering has allowed the Brown’s to not only justify their choice but also live with it this long.

Remember people believe in all sorts of stories and even lies for self preservation and to make it through the day and their lives. That is why we have religion in the first place. It is called cognitive dissonance, which is the term used in modern psychology to describe the state of “holding two or more conflicting ideasbeliefsvalues and emotional reactions simultaneously. In a state of dissonance, people may sometimes feel surprise, dread, guilt, anger, or embarrassment. The theory of cognitive dissonance in social psychology proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by altering existing cognitions, adding new ones to create a consistent belief system, or alternatively by reducing the importance of any one of the dissonant elements.”

The Brown’s are engaging in precisely that. They are people of faith who believe that the deity they believe in does all things for a reason. Such a notion is an especially opportune world view when good things happen.  When something horrible, such as the birth defect of their child happens, on the other hand, said believers are suddenly left in shock, asking themselves where the good is in having their own child be afflicted with such a condition. Suddenly, painful reality and the tenets of their faith are at odds. If god is all loving and all caring, how can he let this happen? That is where “filling in the gaps” comes in becasue the Browns are human beings who can only take so much pain before losing it.

How do they cope with it? They cope with it by attempts to reconcile the reality of their situation with what they have been taught god to be. Thus, they tell a lie to themselves. But they do not know it is a lie. It cannot be. If it was, that would bring down their entirely worldview and the reality they have created for themselves. Their self delusion in that regard is quite sincere. The Browns have to believe that this is all part of a grander scheme. This, in turn enables them to go through life without feeling hopeless and without loosing their faith and feeling let down by their grand and loving creator.

Delusion is a wonderful thing and nothing deludes more than religion.

The truth, of course, is that this baby will be confronted with a myriad of painful medical procedures that she will have to endure but not understand the need for. There are limits to the amount of painkiller an infant can be given.  The question really is whether the child is having a quality of life that satisfies the child’s nature, or whether being kept alive on IVs, feeding  tubes, oxygen and other meds is the truly loving and wonderful alternative.

And can you say this is what the divine intended when the only thing keeping the child alive is medical technology, not god? The parents might enjoy the love and care they are giving, but what about the infant?

Ultimately, the Browns are doing this to make themselves feel better. They think they are doing this child a favor, but they aren’t, they are only doing themselves a favor and justify their decision by making appeals to the grand schemes of a higher power.

The only victim in this process is Pearl. Her family is holding on to delusions to prolong the life of a vegetable. For Pearl living or not living does not make a difference.  She doesn’t even know what and who and if she is. Her brain didn’t part into two hemispheres for cryin’ out loud.  She is nothing but an animated doll and for her there is no difference between living and dying, becasue there is no “her” there. She is just a breathing shell.

The idea that you have emergency oxygen standing by makes one wonder about whose will we are talking about, god’s or the ego’s.  Her family’s understandable efforts to cope with her condition by putting a pretty spin on it only trivializes her suffering. And theirs.

 Not Just Faith But Choice

The delusion of the Brown’s view on this aside, the bigger question here is that of choice. The beauty of freedom is that people, including the Browns, can choose to believe in any number of lies to make it through  the day and their lives. And their decision, whether I agree with it or not, is ok.

As long as the Browns do not say to someone else that this is why their child has been blessed with a deformity and death. they can believe in hob goblins as far as I – and reality – are concerned. Sure it is naive and ignorant to attribute any condition onto god, and I mean naive in the sense of immature, unknowing as it relates, but if that is what they need to make it through their lives, who am I, or anyone, to argue with that?

Only that the delusions of religious people are rarely confined to their own personal realm

And therein lies the fundamental problem with letting faith guide your decisions. Religious people place their emotions before their intelligence. The problem is that when people make important decisions based on a fantastical belief system rather than facing unpleasant realities that they’d rather pretend don’t exist, it can leave a lot of collateral damage that affects others. Just look at the recent assault on women’s reproductive rights callously championed by Republicans and conservatives based on their religious beliefs.

The Browns – for better or worse – had a choice with respect to keeping this child alive and caring for it. Ruth Brown could have gotten an abortion, but due to her personal beliefs she decided not to. She had a choice.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the kinds of policies Republicans push for and have partially succeeded in when  it comes to granting women autonomy and the freedom to choose what they believe to be the best decision for them. The Browns were lucky that they were able to make the decision to have their the child without threats and pressure to obtain an abortion.

At the same time, remember that simply becasue it worked for the Browns and was the best decision they could make based on their lives, it does not mean it is the only right and honorable answer. A couple choosing to get an abortion should be able to do so without facing obstacles and judgment and shame just as the Browns. In short, the Brown’s decision to keep the child is not more admirable than the decision of someone else in the same situation to abort it.

In the end, it is all about choice and giving people the freedom to make that choice. In this day and age, it’s a true luxury to have one’s autonomy respected and your choices be your own. I wish lawmakers everywhere would make note of this because nothing diminishes an individual more than stripping them off autonomy.


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  1. #1 by Angeline Grace on March 31, 2018 - 5:39 AM

    As I type this, Pearl Joy Brown died two days ago. It is sad. I do feel bad for her family to have to go through with this, and just before Easter weekend as well. Yet they did bring it upon themselves.
    I have been looking up stuff on the internet about how Christian families feel about abortion for fetuses with holoprosencephaly or anencephaly. Many feel that abortion is still wrong in those cases. I couldn’t disagree more. I am a Christian woman and yet I don’t think that abortion is wrong for them. Most babies with either holoprosencephaly or anencephaly are born dead or die shortly after birth. Children who live longer, like Pearl, are rare. And yes, they do suffer. I hate adding insult to injury, but Pearl should have never been born. Ever. These Christian families think that abortion is always wrong need to rethink that. Poor Pearl had to live with not being able to breathe on her own, be able to talk, or walk, or do any of those things. Her brother and sister also had to watch her die. The parents don’t think that their kids will be haunted by their sister’s death for the rest of their lives?! I also hate how these people make other people feel guilty about having an abortion in these circumstances. If that were me, I would have an abortion. I would NOT want to go through with the pregnancy at all. Nobody is going to show me some Bible verses that could make me change my mind. In these cases, it is more merciful for the mother and baby and everyone else to just terminate the pregnancy and everyone can get on with their lives.

  2. #2 by Brett on August 30, 2017 - 11:37 AM

    As Jesus lovers go, I’m pretty sure it’s easier for me to appreciate Eric’s views on the sanctity of life than for him to see my side. I’m pro choice which might label me “fond o’ killin'” in some circles. But that ‘pro’ means I’m also supportive of people who make lemonade as fast as life pelts them mercilessly with that bitter fruit. And I think having a child with that many broken pieces is beyond bitter: it’s the entire orchard pushed through one’s retina a sharpened toothpick at a time.

    The cherry picking brand of Jesus-love I’ve chosen is this:- one devoid of hellfire and the conceit that anyone is denied access to eternal love based on belief or lack thereof. This may mean that I don’t meet the technical requirements to be called a Christian. That’s ok, too, because my guideposts are based on stuff I get from JC: agape love, forgiveness unending and, to borrow from the bard, unstrained mercy. I don’t require acceptance from those who call themselves saved. Actually, my favorite Christians are far from evangelical.

    And now my effing point – there isn’t need for your tone. At the very least. Or your derision, judgment and especially the bitter certainty that Eric & Co. are utterly wrong. Let intolerant religious rubes take that tack. Let them be the jerks. (The Ted Cruz brand.). It struck me years ago that atheists are as religious as anyone. More so, in a way… You see, non-belief should free a person. Without heaven, hell, etc cluttering up one’s head, there’s lots of free space and time. To spend any of it concerned with what believers believe? Meh. But to mock them as fervently as they would deride sinners? See what I’m getting at here?

    Eric Brown’s life isn’t for us to take apart. And if you’d kept to your views without aerobically decimating their choices, you might not have garnered such predictable comments. Snarkier barbs than your own mixed with shrill defenders of the faith. What a mess.

    Look. The Browns have a harder row to hoe. It is and isn’t their choice. Imagine for a moment that you’re very religious and that you think abortion is murder and that you gave birth to a child with the magnitude of Pearl’s brokenness and that you pray for her death. I bet that happens every day. A thousand times at least. Imagine the loneliness of that. I can’t, but then neither can I imagine loving a God who would set fire to any of His children. Karma and the luck of the draw may not be polar opposites after all.

    And this – about the Jainists in India. They sweep the path before them lest they step on a bug, accidentally ending a life. They’re that conscious about all living things being sacred. Yet, I’ve only met a handful of vegans who aren’t pretty insufferable about it. It’s that smug thing all over again.

    I hope you use your talent to attack the myriad realities that are completely wrong. Not just ones that are impossible for us to imagine choosing for ourselves.

    Selah, y’all.

    Brett Butler

  3. #3 by Lauren on January 9, 2015 - 12:12 AM

    Let’s hope no sad individual feels the need to attack your family in public. You are a disgrace. Their lives are nothing to do with you. Perhaps your time could be better spent addressing your own attention seeking issues and misguided decisions rather than that of others, who don’t care what you think. Did they ask you for your opinion? Didn’t think so. I look forward to your self righteous, smart ass comment back- as it will serve only to make you look sillier than you already do.

  4. #4 by Elle on May 7, 2013 - 11:20 AM

    Delusion is a wonderful thing and nothing deludes more than religion.

    these people are using religion as an escape, this is not gods doing, its just life.

    shit happens, dont make excuses, deal with it

  5. #5 by tweety on February 10, 2013 - 11:34 AM

    Applause! Good for you,You’re a realist! Just because it’s not your beliefs and you may not be “religious” doesn’t make their choice idiotic. I’m sure lots of things you belief yourself would seem very “stupid” to these ppl. Every one has their rights/beliefs and I’m happy they didn’t decide to K-I-I-L their own flesh and blood! What a world we live in, smh!

    • #6 by popreflection on February 10, 2013 - 3:20 PM

      Keeping a vegetable alive based on some bullshit religious beliefs is idiotic. Their own flesh and blood is just that: flesh and blood. An animated doll. That’s all.

  6. #7 by Elisha on February 4, 2013 - 4:16 PM

    These people are completely idiotic. I wouldn’t want ro watch my baby suffer like that and then somehow find joy in it? How sick is that? She is a miracle. All children are, but to find peace when this little girl is miserable is kind of morbid to me. These people need help.

  7. #8 by Kelly Young on November 10, 2012 - 2:42 PM

    Hey, did you ever consider that you might be a bit self-righteous and judgemental? Cuz you’re comin’ off reeeeal strong that way.

    • #9 by popreflection on November 10, 2012 - 3:02 PM

      Feel free to make any substantive comments you may have regarding the contents of the articles posted. Thank you.

      • #10 by Katie on August 21, 2014 - 12:27 AM

        How dare you! This post sickened me. You called her an animated doll and crawling vegetable. This is someone’s baby! Who are you to judge a family who is following a difficult path and loving their very sick child unconditionally? Who are you to say who should live or die?

        • #11 by popreflection on September 8, 2014 - 7:02 PM

          She is an animated doll and crawling vegetable. I am sorry this reality is not palatable to you. Nature already decided she is not living regardless of whether her heart is beating and she can move her limbs. There is nothing mean about that. That is reality.


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