Picture of the Day


Oh how much misogyny is plaguing this world, let me count the ways…

The July 2009 issue of GQ magazine featured Sasha Baron Cohen on its cover nude. Nothing was hanging out or anything, but his bare naked ass was showing and clearly that is considered pornography and perverse, literally, as newstands have been covering up the front page. But a tipster at a Hudson News in Manhattan noticed the decision had lead to some interesting juxtapositions. On the left is the nude body of model Bar Rafaeli on the cover of Esquire magazine – which, if you compare to the one of Cohen, pretty much exhibits the exact same level of skin. It was even  taken from the same angle.  Yet Cohen’s body on the cover of GQ is covered, while Rafaeli’s is openly on display right next to it no less.


Clearly, while women’s bodies are meant to be put on display, stared at and objectified,  doing the same thing with a man’s body is nothing but dirty, filthy pornographic material that needs to be covered.


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  1. #1 by lacunamalachi on December 17, 2012 - 11:29 PM

    Clearly the only explanation is that women exist to be looked at, to provide pleasure for men, and as inferior humans can’t be affected by being seen naked. Whereas men, well, pictures of naked men could lead to men losing respect, losing authority, and where on Earth would that leave us..?


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