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Jim Carrey tweet

Amen. Thank you Mr. Carrey. At least someone has a good grasp of what kind of human beings all those with a pathological fascination with tools of murder are – especially when those tools have been used to massacre children.

Of course, this did not go over well with those who fear that a black President by the strange African name of Obama himself will,  at any minute, walk through their front door and take away their precious guns.

Fox Nation referred to the comment as “nasty“, while Red Alert Politics writer Erin Brown wrote about it at length, decrying the tweet as a “careless remarkrooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites.”

Yeah, those damn liberal intellectuals always standing in the way of utter stupidity…I know.

Brown went on pissing and moaning about the popularity of Carrey’s statement: “Sadly, his divisive comment has received more than 3,400 retweets and more than 1,600 ‘favorites’ as of this printing, proving once again that the power wielded by Hollywood celebrities carries a very real influence.”

Other Right wing nut jobs have called the tweet “mean” and “cruel” and “unfair.

I mean sure, we clearly have to worry about the feelings of those who react to the mass slaughter of children by immediately rushing out to purchase the types of weapons those children were slaughtered with. After all, there is absolutely nothing tactless, pathological, cruel and soul less about doing that. How dare anyone criticize them for the worthless human beings they are?

It is astounding. Really. Just about everything angers the Right: people having access to healthcare, fair wages, environmental protection, the poor, women, gays, racial minorities, immigrants, education, science, reducing gun violence, straight people who have no problem with gay people, minorities voting, liberals voting, atheists…everything is an ungodly offense to them.

I received a letter from a reader telling me that he lives in a small community where the local outdoor hunting and fishing store has been selling eight assault weapons a day all before noon. As soon as they get a shipment, people flock in to purchase the new AR-15s. That is adding over forty assault weapons per week to his community, he complained.

Anyone who owns, brandishes, and loves a high-capacity military killing device or guns in general has some serious mental demons that no amount of armor-piercing, cop killer bullets can kill. Gun fetish and worship is just another pathological mental disorder and those who advocate and embrace it, especially this shortly after such a horrific massacre, truly have nothing worth saving and protecting – under any amendment. What they did is like buying cyanide gas a week after people have been freed from gas chambers.


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