North Korea Conducts Nuclear Tests, the US Threatens War With Iran and Stations 3 Carrier Battle Groups in the Persian Gulf

n korea

On February 12th, North Korea conducted its third nuclear test in defiance of existing U.N. resolutions, angering the United States, Japan and prompting its only major ally, China, to call for calm.

U.S. President Barack Obama labelled the test a “highly provocative act” that hurt regional stability and he and other states that are members of the U.N. Security Council pressed for new sanctions on the isolated country.

The danger posed by North Korea’s threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the international community. The United States will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies,” Obama said in a statement.

For some strange reason, Israel, which just last year drew the red line for the Iranian nuclear program and just in general seems to care a great deal about keeping this world nuclear free, has remained silent on this one.

It is interesting, or actually quite tragic, to see that the world is pretty much ready to start World War III, under the instigation and encouragement of Israel, because Iran is allegedly building nukes. Yet here we are and see North Korea – which is the craziest and most unstable country in the world (its leadership that is) – actually blowing up stuff with nukes and for some strange reason that does not seem to bother anyone really, including Israel.

Now I understand that there are geo-strategic interests at play here and that Iran is much closer to Israel than North Korea. But if the issue and point of contention requiring “world action” as the US and Israel have been proclaiming, is that of nuclear disarmament, then why don’t we apply this demand uniformly? Why do we not expect it from everyone, no exceptions?

I never hear any calls by Israel or any other nation, or even people inside this country, to begin a military strike against North Korea. Sure, they impose sanctions and “condemn” the action (whatever that means) but what are they really doing about it? “Condemning” an action is nothing but fopo (foreign policy) rhetoric without any teeth and bite. In fact, condemning an action is completely useless if it not followed by real actions. An embargo and other economic sanctions also do not do anything as they only hurt the population but do not, in fact, put a stop to such nuclear armament efforts.

North Korea Nuclear Test Site

North Korea Nuclear Test Site

Not that I am looking for the US or anyone to start a war with North Korea, but if the issue is nuclear weapons being a threat to the world, then why isn’t North Korea being just as targeted as Iran?

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, the issue is not really nukes or world security but the fact that one of Israel’s enemies has them? Therefore, could it also be that we are planning to go to a possible war with Iran (just as we did with Iraq) – not becasue of nukes – but because of Israel wanting us to go after their enemy?

Clearly, if Israel cared for a nuclear free world they would not own nukes themselves, for one. and they surely would also be championing for North Korea to not have them and speak out.

The sad truth is that Israel has been trying to con the United States and its people to start a war with Iran under the guise of an alleged nuclear threat by the same. The fact that North Korea poses a bigger threat as  – unlike Iran – it actually has done nuclear tests  –  doesn’t seem to bother those minions in the population that buy the bullshit lies and champion for a war; a level of ignorance that plays well into Israel’s war mongering efforts. 

To be clear, Israel has every right to do whatever it wants to “defend” itself (although I would allege that there are some entities needing defense against Israel, but that is another post), but not by dragging the US into yet another bankrupting war.

So next time you support military strike against Iran because “they own nukes” and think we need to bankrupt this country some more for Israel, remember these things.  It is very counterproductive and demoralizing when UN resolutions in particular, and rules in general,  are applied selectively. 


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