Brendan Fraser Can’t Live on $205,000 a Month

brendanfraseristoobroketopaychildsupportHave you ever felt that you had so much money, you didn’t know whether you should wipe your ass with it or use it to plaster your walls? Well, Brendan Fraser is one of those people who wants to be able to do both but, sadly so, cannot as he is currently struggling on both fronts trying to survive on a meager $205,000 a month or around $2.5 million a year.

In court documents filed in Connecticut recently as part of an ongoing battle with his ex-wife to lower his alimony payments, which amount to some ridiculous $75,000 a month, Brendan laid out his monthly finances like this:

Professional expenses (agents, lawyers, publicists etc.):
Investments: $25,800.28
Alimony: $50,000
Mortgages:  $5,000+
Property tax: $6,000+
Income tax: $34,132.52
Child support: $25,000
Gardening: $5,200
Various insurances: $5,000+
Family support and gifts: $5,000+
Staffing: $3,000
Pet care: $7.77
And the list goes on.

Overall he also owns assets around $25 million.

First of all, I need to get me a gardening gig in Hollywood.

Second, who the fuck owns less for mortgage than the gardener? Is gardening now the new real estate?

$5,000 a month in gifts/bribes? He is actually counting those into his budget? Is that even a legitimate expense for anyone? Or is it an insider thing, like when you are a celebrity big shot you should count on spending craploads of money a month for gifts to…whom exactly?

Fuck this dude, and fuck his ex for asking for that much money and fuck his children who’ll grow up thinking they are entitled to privilege. What an ungrateful, entitled, out of touch asshole. The wealthy seriously live on a sphere of their own  – detached in a bubble of out-of-touchness.


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  1. #1 by Derf McDooferson on June 23, 2014 - 5:59 PM

    “detached in a bubble of out-of-touchness.”

    Oh my god so totally totally like so totally!


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