It’s Official, Elin Nordegren is the Patron Saint of Gold Diggers Everywhere

elin 3

People are creatures of habit. Case in point, Elin Nordegren, also know as Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, who has been dating her 53 year old billionaire neighbor, coal magnate Chris Cline, since the holidays.

Nordegren and Cline both have mansions in the exclusive North Palm Beach oceanfront community of Seminole Landing, where Nordegren had her home bulldozed and rebuilt after splitting with Woods and cashing-in in a divorce settlement so massive, it makes you wonder if maybe Nordgren’s vagina may have magic powers.

Tisk, tisk. All that talk about her having been this wronged, cheated-on,  faithful little wall flower of a loving wife and mommy, all the sympathy she received from everyone for what her husband did to her – a husband whom she clearly married for love and not for money,  just as she is not hanging around this 53 year old Palm Beach dick for money but for love – and all the venom directed at Tiger Woods for allegedly being the worst human being, man, father and humanitarian in the world who was subsequently forced to undergo therapy for liking sex basically, and she turned out to be a full blooded, high grade, gold-digging whore after all.

What I wanna know is: who is that moron billionaire who’s got no clue?


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