Twin Peaks

Awesomeness is timeless…

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***This article contains major spoilers. If you have not seen Twin Peaks and don’t want to know what happened, do not proceed***

What a mind bender. Twin Peaks is one of the strangest and most innovative TV shows ever made. It is lurid, eerie, surreal, terrifying, quirky and absorbing. It is an odd little saga with odd components, including the usual mundane stuff and the paranormal – along with strong performances that make it all work. It is a genius mix of soap opera, parody, mystery/detective show, and horror film, all thrown together to create something insanely complex, surreal and entirely original. It is symbolic, it is insane and it is tragic.

In an interview David Lynch said “What’s special about it to me is that its a bit of a dream. Its a warm and tender dream, a place you can go to. I love the mood of the…

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