Priorities. We Don’t Have Them


Have you ever dreamed of not having to pay taxes and wished you could convert your home to a church, for example – or even better, create your own religion – so you get tax exemption? Do you have all the paperwork but know you will not make the approval by the IRS? Or that you wouldn’t be able to stand the scrutiny that is involved in granting an organization and/or group tax exempt status? Have you always believed that the lack of credible evidence on your part with respect to your justification as to why you want tax exempt status would make it hard, if not impossible, for you to apply for and be approved for tax exemption? Well, worry no longer.

Thanks to the witch hunt of the IRS and questioning why the agency that is tasked with tax collection is scrutinizing the tax exempt application of a party that is explicitly anti-tax – a party that requested tax exempt status as a “social welfare” group while running their own political candidates despite the fact that charitable exemption has very specific rules about direct political advocacy –  no one who applies for tax exempt status will be scrutinized in the future. Well, at least, very few will, which is exactly what the problem is here.

The real scandal is not really whether the Tea-Party received too much scrutiny, but why aren’t others applying for tax exempt status not receiving the same scrutiny and are not held to the same standards?

The Catholic Church spent $ 2 million during the last election cycle on anti same-sex marriage efforts and they are tax exempt. If you are going to put measures on a ballot, directly influence political outcomes or run your own candidates, you shouldn’t be tax exempt.

Yeah, we sure got our priorities straight. No one complains that the IRS audits middle-class wage earners disproportionately more so than millionaires and corporations, mainly because poor people are an easier target and easier to prosecute than someone like Romney or a corporation with hundreds of pages of tax returns and utilized loopholes. Noooo. Let’s instead take an issue with the IRS scrutinizing the Tea-Party’s tax exempt application when that is the smartest thing the IRS has done in years.

The fuckery of this alleged scandal just goes on and on even though the treasonous tea-party’s application for tax exempt status was approved. If they had not been approved (which they really should not have), I would maybe be more inclined to understand the uproar but they did get approved.

bs-ed-horsey-tea-party-congress-20130520Instead of people applauding the IRS for doing the right thing in this instance, they let their personal dislike of the agency cloud their judgment and actually prompt them to take the side of the Tea Party while completely missing the bigger picture, which is that the Tea Party, by applying for tax exempt status, is really just cheating.  They should not be granted tax exempt status, they are running their own candidates.

The real scandal, therefore, is not the IRS scrutinizing the Tea party, the real scandal is that an organization –  such as the Tea Party  – which runs its own candidates and is heavily and directly involved in the political process  is getting tax exempt status. Of all places, the organization that is explicitly anti tax is granted tax exempt status.

That is insanity.

That is like the final flame that set that oil slicked water on fire. That is just adding insult to what was an offensive premise to begin with. A premise under which the Tea party was receiving serious consideration for their application for tax exempt status. The fact that they thought they could do it and get away with it and the fact that they indeed got away with it, just makes all this so much more ironic. Instead of arguing about why they even got the status in the first place, we argue about why where they scrutinized in the first place.

Of course that coward Obama pulls his tail between his legs and gives in again, asking the head of the IRS to resign, instead of stating the obvious which is that any organization that applies for tax exempt status must receive the same scrutiny as the Tea Party. No exceptions, no apologies.

OfokcThat’s what I call having misplaced priorities.

So, dear readers,  if you ever wanted to apply for tax exemption status, now is the time to do it. Thanks to our bored garbage media that likes to make an issue out of nothing and the dumb public that is allowing their personal dislike for having to pay taxes cloud their judgment with respect to the Tea Party’s tax exempt status and the wider implications of such a decision for this country’s political sphere, scrutinizing tax exempt status applications will from now on be a thing of the past. So go ahead and submit. The tea Party and religious organizations are, so should you.


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