Map of Cosmos and Religion


The universe is 100 million years older than thought, according to the best-ever map of the oldest light in space.

The adjustment brings the universe’s age to 13.82 billion years, and means space and time are expanding slightly slower than scientists thought.

These discoveries come from a new all-sky map of ancient cosmic light by Europe’s Planck mission, which has measured what’s called the cosmic microwave background in greater detail than ever before.


I don’t understand people who are religious. I really don’t. It’s not that I don’t understand why they are religious. It’s more like how can you remain religious given the overwhelming evidence against anything even remotely religious? It baffles the mind.

Religion does not only not make sense and contradicts everything we know about the universe and this Earth, but religion is a dead end. How can you know that our galaxy is so diverse with billions of other stars and endless galaxies bound together in cluster after clusters of galaxies and then still believe the goat herder stories and creation myths perpetuated by the Bible and other religious texts? It just seems so…childish.

It’s like still believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

Do people really think the billion galaxy universe was just created for us? And more to the point, do the fairy tales of the Bible and Koran really make sense to you? Even if we were to take them figuratively, does the concept of religion still -appeal to people? Or seem real? I find it suffocating.

On the other hand, I have found atheism to be a revelation.

The fairy tales perpetuated by religion made maybe sense when human kind was still in its infancy. But now that we are grown up, so to speak, and have expanded our knowledge significantly,  there is no need for fairy tales.


As a kid, I loved the idea of Santa Claus myself. But I grew up and realized he was made up. Why aren’t we doing the same with religion? Just replace Santa Claus with Jesus or the other way around. In fact, as a kid, until I was 6 or 7, I really thought the two were the same for some reason.

I understand that humans do not like the idea of no control and not knowing. I understand the inherent fear in existential uncertainty. But I also understand that this fear has prompted countless cynical opportunists in the form of religious and political leaders to take advantage and actually claim to know the truth and have the answers – and the answers are magical and cannot be proven because that is just how the invisible operates, and “by the way, here are the rules, which we decided to set at the exact opposite of how we created you.

Personally I believe that the only religion worth following is the love of knowledge and the only god worth worshiping is the truth – however difficult it may be to accept and however inconvenient of a truth. We do not need to be the center of the universe. In fact, the universe was doing fine long before we came around and it will do just as fine long after we are gone.

universe31The idea of eternal heaven, or anything without parole and a way out –  an end – whereby one spends eternity just being happy with ones loved ones – no drive, no seeking out truth or knowledge, wonder or laughter, no challenges to the way we view the world and ourselves – just being happy forever and ever with loved ones. Who wants that? Who wants to spend eternity like that? It sounds boring to me and lazy and simple minded and as i would imagine hell.

The universe is so perfectly strange, vast and unimaginably endless that our gradual uncovering of its’ secrets, no matter how small,  is the most exciting thing imaginable to me. I only regret not living long enough to see what is in stow for us 100, 200 or maybe even 2000 years down the road.


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  1. #1 by myatheistlife on May 28, 2013 - 11:46 PM

    for most people, thinking about the unimaginable is painful. Imagine what pain is inside your brain… some blips on neurons. The same effect comes when they have to think about things. Religion relieves them of this burden and if religion says that the universe was created just for us, that’s okay with them because going with that explanation is much less painful than thinking about the fact that we are nothing, just animals on a small planet in the middle of nowhere with no purpose or meaning. Facing the truth is not human’s strong point. Anything that gives people an out on that task will be accepted until it is publicly shameful to use it.


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