The Elusive God

The more I think of religion, the more I realize how truly absurd a lot of it is – even the details.

I want to point out that there is absolutely no incumbency upon an Unicornist to provide evidence that Unicorns do not exist, or even to make a case that the assumption that Unicorns do not exist is more reasonable than the assumption that they do. A Theist accepts this arrangement in regards to literally every single mythical creature and fairy tale character they do not happen to believe in (Superman, Easter Bunny,  Big Foot, Leprechauns, Fairies…) but is quick to muddy the waters and sling burden of proof about, when discussing their own personal fantasy. I mean come on, a white horse with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead is ridiculous, but a talking snake is real and if not symbolic. Why the horned horse is not symbolic as well no one knows. Not even religious people. They pick and choose their mythical-turned-real creatures with the same care they choose their gods: at random.

Anyway, today I was thinking…


a) why did things like turning water into wine, walking on water, parting the seas, the virgin birth, healing the sick with a touch of a hand and all the other miracles to be found in religious texts, only happen in the past? Why does none of that happen today? Why don’t we see another extraordinary miraculous act by the divine?


b) why are scriptures and religious texts always so cryptic? Why not just say what you want, how you want it and wait and see if people deliver? Why make it cryptic and symbolic and metaphoric? Why drop vague hints and suggest? Why elude and confuse?

forbidden-treeAnd why even create man one way and then set the rules at the exact opposite? Oh yes the Fall. I know. The fruit of knowledge. I can imagine how non ignorance would be threatening to a narcissistic, selfish god who creates you so you worship him. In fact the whole story of the Fall is absurd. Why is knowledge sin? And why would you make someone you love do “hard time” basically because they did not want to be ignorant and “tasted” from the tree of knowledge. And, for that matter, if you didn’t want them to eat from the tree of knowledge, why did you place one there? A little bit sadistic, are we?


And, while we’re here,  what does it really mean tree of knowledge? What’s a tree of knowledge anyway? And how is it possible? I never knew a tree to carry more than fruits and blossoms. See here we are with the cryptic and vague delusional language again. God just never comes right out and says it, he drops hints because apparently that is what gods do:  they create miracles but don’t label them and make you guess. For someone so powerful and loving and apparnrly “so there” he sure goes out of his way to make sure you doubt him? And why? Because he thinks making you work really hard on the treadmill for what you want, is the proof he needs to know that you love him. It’s all about him..

I think I’m getting dizzy. I seriously cannot imagine people just right out never questioning these things and going through life really believing in an invisible man out there who pulls the strings and makes every shitty act happen for a reason.


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  1. #1 by Sara Kjeldsen on June 24, 2013 - 7:01 PM

    I know, it`s quite sad that often educated, relatively smart people will fall for the Bible scam.


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