An insider like Edward Joseph Snowden

File photo of passengers watching a TV screen broadcasting news of Snowden on a train in Hong Kong

I see no reason why anyone who has not already resigned their dignity and surrendered their agency, would subscribe to the absurd notion that a demonstrated legacy of secrecy and surveillance under the guise of security is somehow a thoughtful argument that such practices should continue, or should be assimilated to or tolerated by the populace.

Before former NSA contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA’s unimaginably extensive world wide surveillance program of millions, if not billions, of people without accountability and oversight, what the population had were rumors and conjecture that were denied. It had previous brave whistle blowers who were denied and critics who were silenced. There was no solid proof of the extent to which.

What they have now is non refutable evidence; cold, hard documents that demonstrate the previously denied mechanisms of exploit.

The man’s a hero. Anyone who has the courage to stand up to the NSA is a hero in my book. The way I see it, he is just a young man disillusioned by the promises of our political leaders, including everyone’s great wide hope, Barack Obama who has mostly just repeated Bush’s legacy on many key points. Snowden is a young man who felt that a lot of the things going down in this country were deeply un-American, standing in direct contradiction to the very things this country stands for or is supposed to stand for.

It is the millions of others with similar clearance who said nothing, who took a paycheck and went home and slept easy, day by day, who lived their lives and hugged their families, and said nothing,  did nothing  – who are the cowards and accomplices. It is the contrast of character between them and Snowden that make this simple courageous gesture toward informed consent that much more heroic.

The rabbit hole goes further than we believed. An article by Germany’s Der Spiegel, which has just recently obtained documents from Snowden, tells us just how far that rabbit hole really goes


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