Why Does God Have to Work In Mysterious Ways Anyway?

1) Why is having faith in something good? Why is faith good?

2) Why does god have to work in mysterious ways?

3) Why are his messages hidden and cloaked in enigmas? Why can’t he come out and just say what he means and wants? Why does he have to drop hints and allude to things?

4) Why are people attracted to the idea of a god who makes bad shit happen for the sole purpose of making you see you need him? Why is worshiping a narcissist with a huge ego something people find comforting and divine? (see 2 Corinthians 1: 8,9)

5) What is so wrong about knowledge that god forbade it but still left the “tree”  in the garden of Eden to tempt his minions Adam and Eve? Why tempt them? To see them fail so you can unleash your pre-prepared punishment on them?

6) Why do “miracles” like walking on water, parting the seas, coming back from the dead, turning water into wine etc always happen in Biblical times and never in the present?

7) Why are prophets and messiahs and direct messages from god confined to the ancient past and then when someone does come up with the continuation (see Mormonism) it is something totally even more fucked up than what is was before?

8) Do we really believe there is a powerful being that can crate entire universes but is somehow also endlessly interested in our personal thoughts?

9) If god loves everyone and has a plan for everyone, then how do we explain child murderers, genocides, Sandy Hook, Sudan, Rwandan genocide etc? Free will has nothing to do with that. We are talking people who had shit done to them – what did they do to deserve this?

10) If god is so active and oh so present, how come more than half of the world’s population live in complete and utter poverty without little prospect for change? Why are thousands of children dying each die of something like lack of food?

11) If god wants to punish us for our sins by bringing on the end of days and that is the reason all these terrible thing happen, then again, why not just do it? Why do it slowly, over decades and centuries even and in the form of endless wars, atrocities, and injustices? What could he possibly get out of pulling the band aid one hair at a time, so to speak and watch this endless suffering before deciding to pull the plug?

This is not an exhaustive list and there are hundreds of such questions in my mind when I think about religion and its absurdity.  I find it interesting, as well as disturbing, that a lot of people really take all the points above at face value and rarely ever fundamentally question them. I cannot imagine going through life not wondering and worse, actually seriously believing this pile of unfounded garbage.


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