Toda In Why I’m Not Religious: Because We Murder People For a Political Cause

And whatever deity people look up to stands by and lets it happen.

Three years ago, Republican congressman Mike Rogers called for the execution of Army analyst Bradley Manning in a radio interview if investigators find that he leaked classified information to WikiLeaks. “If they don’t charge him with treason, they ought to charge him with murder,” said Rogers, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee. He said treason in wartime is a capital offense. “I would support it 100%.” Yeah. I’m sure you would being a member of the human race and probably also highly religious and all. No surprises here. 

And just a couple of months ago, Fox News analyst Ralph Peters said that Edward Snowden’s leaks constituted “treason” punishable by execution.

I mean nevermind that the United States has admitted under oath that WikiLeaks disclosures never led to the death of anyone, but even so, what makes a race so fucked up and vicious and vile that they would think that murdering someone, as in taking away their life,  for having “betrayed” the government or nation state which itself is an independent authority over a geographic area whose boundaries were drawn at random and after bloody wars murdering and subjugating others, is acceptable? We would really hurt someone and worse, take away their lives, just to save a belief basically? And make no mistake about it, people have been executed in the past for treason, whatever that means.

As someone who is not into loyalty towards man made things, I find the notion of feeling like you need to murder someone as punishment for having betrayed the state, bizarre and disturbing.

Boy, we are such a failed experiment, us humans. And this is with religion, mind you.  This is with someone like Jesus talking about how one needs to love and forgive and hold the other cheek. And we are still so bad. Would Jesus be advocating the murder of someone because he betrayed the government? Yet, how many people who throughout history have supported the execution of traitors have been, at the same time, praying to this very Jesus.

No other species does the things we do: genocide, abuse, cruelty, and murder because of different views and philosophies and life styles other people lead.

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