Since You Asked…


As I am sure you know, the people under the employ of Fox News are the pinnacle of intellect. I mean rarely in my life have I met so many people who knew so little about so much.

Case in point, Fox News contributor and “philosopher” (ha –  no really, he calls himself a philosopher “whose purpose is to provide an intelligent and articulate perspective about the existence of God in the public arena”) William Lane Craig who unloaded this pearl of wisdom on not only its borderline retarded readers – i.e. the entire Fox News readership –  but sadly also onto the entire world, explaining once and for all eternity – black on white – with no bullshit involved, why Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Hobbits, God, Unicorns, Jesus are real based on the “best philosophical, scientific, and historical evidence” that the Bible and other fictional sources can provide. He calls it a “Christmas gift for atheists“. I mean atheists asked, and Fox News is delivering.

For Craig, scientific fact, the desire for fact-based knowledge, 2+2= 4 and so forth are apparently nothing but mere “slogans” as he put it, that poor, naive, ignorant atheists care for and adhere to when navigating through life.

The reason for writing this article, according to Craig, is to explain, also once and for all eternity – black on white – with no bullshit involved, why atheists assert that Christmas is a religious sham.

I guess amid the frenzy that is his “love” for “wisdom”, Craig missed the part about Christmas being a pagan holiday having nothing, whatsoever, to do with his most beloved fictional characters of all time, god and Jesus.

I especially love his explanation for the fine tuned universe whereby he asserts that because life on Earth is somehow so “fine tuned” to our exact biological needs as human beings and just life in general, it must have been created by an intelligent being just for us – because if several fundamental physical constants were slightly different, we wouldn’t be here; an assertion which stands in exact contradiction to evolution where life adapts to its surroundings/environment as opposed to the other way around.

6a00d834ca83d669e2010536b7a540970b-800wiThat is like saying the reason you have a nose to begin with is so that something can hold your glasses. Or the reason you have arms is to that your hands wouldn’t be attached to your shoulders. It is utter idiotic gibberish.

But, alas, what can I say – those are just mere slogans under the bridge. With faith, apparently all facts are ignorable.

Thank you Mr. Craig  for once again reaffirming why religion is not only harmful but for also not making me feel bad everytime I mock, criticize, make fun of and ridicule one of you. Thanks for reaffirming my suspicion that most religious people, including yourself,  are nothing but morons, half wits, dolts, dunces, dullards and dumbells.

Listening to this chowderhead yokel, this blithering hayseed try to basically “intelligently” argue for the existence of hobbits, goblins and other fictional characters by making references to fairy tale books, not only reaffirms the atheist position but if I weren’t already an atheist, after reading this garbage, I would definitely become one.


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