One In Three Americans Don’t Think Evolution Is Real

There is all sorts of ignorance going around in this country, thanks to religion and religious people, and today that collective level of ignorance can be found in one in three Americans who do not believe in evolution – that is about 30% of the US population.

On Monday Pew released results of a survey showing that around 33% of Americans do not believe in evolution. 





White evangelical Protestants were most likely to not believe in evolution, with two-thirds saying humans have existed in their current form since the beginning of time. Half of black Protestants said the same. Only 15 percent of mainline Protestants agreed.

Views among the general population have remained roughly the same since Pew last surveyed on evolution in 2009, although the gap between Republicans and Democrats on the issue has grown. Currently, 43 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of Democrats believe in human evolution, while in 2009, 54 percent of Republicans and 64 percent of Democrats held that view.

Religion as the Source of Ignorance

I am tired of this country having fallen into a stupor of anti scientific ideologies and anti intellectual mentalities under the  guise of fair play and equality. Religious people, and religious people alone, are responsible for the decline in education and knowledge in this country; they are the reason that one third of the population of the world’s most prosperous, advanced and developed country still believe that humans were hand crafted from mud by some fictional character himself and that a woman was made using Adam’s rib; people who believe in talking snakes, Noah’s arc and a host of other ridiculous, fairy-tale level claims.

When one third of a country’s population believes in fairy tales essentially when discussing human origins and existence, then you can be certain that those ignorant 1/3 will continue to have an impact on how discussions and policies are framed in this country. 

Next time someone tells you that you are being one mean motherfucker for criticizing religions people and their belief, point them to this and remind them that there are very many real life consequences to people being religious. Religion is not a personal matter, no matter how often religious people tell you that. Religion does not only create bigotry, judgment, hate and wars but it creates and nourishes ignorance to the point of seriously harming individuals – see stem cell research that is going nowhere thanks to our government’s  – and society’s  – refusal to extensively fund such research that could save millions of lives. 


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