If You Believe It, You’ll Come to Believe It

Idiots on Facebook

Another day, another pointless “discussion” with a religious person  who is getting tired of being proven wrong by atheists when engaging in fallacious, circular “reasoning” – if one can even call what is happening in this Facebook exchange reasoning.

Memo to religious people – who seriously need to take a few classes on critical thinking and how to debate and argue –  saying that the proof for the validity of the bible is the bible is not an acceptable answer.

Wishful thinking or hoping that something exists is not evidence that it does exist.

Someone not being able to prove your pet fantasy wrong, does not mean your fantasy is real. I don’t have to prove that hobbits, unicorns, purple pigs and werewolves do not exist. Why do I have to prove god doesn’t exist? In fact, religious people themselves don’t require anyone to prove that hobbits do not exist in order to not believe in them. “Of course hobbits do not exist, Are you kidding me?” is their response but somehow when it comes to god, they use that very argument to show that atheists are wrong and that they have to entertain the idea that a god does exist because they cannot prove it does not.

A story in a book, any book – be it the Bible, Macbeth, Hansel and Gretel,  The Hobbit etc. is also not, and I repeat, not proof or evidence that the stories in them are factual. In fact, it is not evidence at all. I can go to a Kinko’s and have them print everything I wrote into a book – that doesn’t make the contents of the book evidence for anything – even if I have a million copies made.

Furthermore, using the bad apple analogy (as Penny Smith is doing here) to muddy the waters and distract from failed arguments regarding the existence of god and holy figures and messiahs is getting seriously old.

I am also tired of hearing religious people go on and on about how their faith is misunderstood and misinterpreted despite all evidence to the contrary. Thing is, when your religion repeatedly does harm, not once, or twice, or ten times or a hundred times but every single time and for several thousand years, then it is not misunderstood; it is doing exactly what is purports to do. Christianity is not misunderstood. Islam is not misunderstood, Judaism is not misunderstood. What you see is what you get.

Finally, religious people should be the last entities talking patronizingly no less about keeping an open mind and remain tolerant. Religion is very harmful and I, or anyone, need to remain tolerant towards it the same way a black man needs to remain tolerant towards the KKK.


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