Werewolves Are Not Dead



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  1. #1 by silenceofmind on March 22, 2014 - 2:38 PM

    Fantasy can’t be used to disprove the facts.

    God is a fact.

    Werewolves are fantasy.

    And atheists still can’t prove atheism now matter how hard they try to change the subject.

    That means that atheism is a 100% faith-based believe just like belief in werewolves.

    • #2 by popreflection on March 22, 2014 - 2:56 PM

      Lol. Oh really? God is a fact? How so? Based on what? Do you have any proof for your assertion ? (note, the Bible, which is a book of fiction, doesn’t count as evidence just as The Lord of the Rings books do not count as evidence that Hobbits are real).

      Can you prove Werewolves do not exist? If not, then you have to believe in them. Does that sound fair?

      I mean why do i have to be able to prove that god does not exist but you don’t have to prove that Werewolves/ hobbits/ unicorns and flying pigs don’t exist?

      Atheism is not a faith based anything. You are the one making assumptions as to the existence of a god and other fantastical entities, not me, so you have the burden of proof. Atheism makes no claim, and therefore has no burden of proof. In fact, the burden of proof lies upon the person making scientifically unfalsifiable claims. For the purposes of most discussions this is true and sufficient. I have often drawn the parallel to other mythical creatures that are commonly believed not to be real, in other words creatures about which we are all antithetical, such as Werewolves. I will point out that there is absolutely no incumbency upon an A-Leprechaunist to provide evidence that Leprechauns do not exist, or even to make a case that the assumption that Leprechauns do not exist is more reasonable than the assumption that they do. A Theist accepts this arrangement in regards to literally every single mythical creature they do not happen to believe in, but is quick to muddy the waters and sling burden of proof about when discussing their pet fantasy.


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