Just One of Us

1399331510298.cachedIt is so sweet and reassuring, really, that Michelle Obama is such a down to earth kinda woman spending her time as the First Lady working on important issues such as cutting the ribbon on the newly redesigned Costume Institute wing dedicated to fashion maven and tastemaker Anna Wintour.

Public service at its best.

I guess there is a sincere logic in the notion that if you, as the First Lady and representative of your country, look great wearing expensive designer couture and hair-dos, going to talk shows and hanging out with the elite Hollywood crowd and sport things like $800 a pair of Jimmy Choos while posing on the cover of Vogue magazine a mere week after your husband unleashed a devastating Sequester onto the neediest of the American people, you inspire these very people to aspire to be something more, thus working oh so hard to pull themselves up by their bootstraps – or in this case – their Jimmy Choo strappy sandal straps.

Just like she were one of us. A true woman of the people.


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