Today In the Ignorant Theist


Hahahahahaha….I like it when religious people use big words and give higher reasoning a try just to utterly fail like this without realizing it. Where do you even begin to show the flaws in this piece of sophistry. To quibble over semantics and conflate unrelated issues and then use that as “proof” that atheists are wrong and god is real. This is just pathetic.

I get these types of responses and run across these kinds of things all day long to the point where I am not even inclined to respond anymore to such moronic arguments, because no amount of reasoning and fact-based arguing works with entities that employ circular “reasoning”, whose “evidence” for their god is a fictional book and for whom “truth” is determined by how they want things to be, not by how things really are. See, below.

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Get used to being nothing, little girl!




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  1. #1 by nikeyo on May 11, 2014 - 2:16 PM

    This is an adequate argument for Deism, and a non-fixed understanding and definition of an eternal… something. But not for a person, creator, or intentional figure who exists. It’s an argument for… spirituality at best and nothing more. The argument does not hold water for any form of Theism.

    It’s frustrating educating Theists to that very fallacy in their arguing… They jump gaps in reasoning very often and just fill it in with their god.

    The fact is, we have no proof of the eternal nature of anything. Save, perhaps, for the basic laws of physics and logic such as A is A and not B… but that’s about it!! Too much else in our existence are theories, waiting and watching to be disproved for the possibility always looms over us that we will be proved wrong… and then what? Well, we take the new piece of evidence and learn from it. Evaluate it, examine it…

    Aaaaaah fun. Thank you for sharing this thought! It got my mind going, which I love. 🙂


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