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Quote of the Day

When I was secretary, we had basically a two-war strategy. We had to maintain sufficient forces to be able to fight two wars at once. He switched that. Now we’re going to have a one-war strategy. And that’s all being done as a rationale to justify further deep cuts in the defense budget so he can allocate that money to food stamps or whatever else he wants to spend it on.

Dick-Cheney-1-300x214Dick Cheney criticizing President Obama for prioritizing feeding people over waging wars.

If there ever was any doubt that Republicans do not believe people are entitled to food, what Dick Cheney, former Vice President and eternal war mongering war criminal at large, had to say at an energy industry trade show in Billings, Montana should put all those doubts – and denials – to rest.

If I had not read it, I would not believe that someone is and can be so openly callous so as to state, as a matter-of-factly and with a straight face, that spending money to feed human beings is a waste as that money could be better used engaging in wars.

The thing that is truly disturbing is that he is so cavalier and smug about this. There is not even any pretense to caring about peoples’ lives and the human cost of war. I can almost picture him saying this with the demeanor of a bad cop with a wicked grin who just wants anyone to give him a reason.

Another thing to note, of course, is that President Obama does not and has not prioritized the poor and hungry over anything. He was the architect behind the Draconian sequester (thinking that if he makes it cut-throat enough, it would turn away even Republicans. Little did he know), he failed to close down Gitmo, he continues to support and sign off on the use of drones and, if I recall, he personally signed an $8.7 billion food stamp cut into law!!

So, on the one hand you got this sorry excuse for a human being named Dick Cheney declare, without shame and compunction, that spending money on feeding people as opposed to going to war was a waste and on the other hand you got him accusing the President for having done precisely that when the President has clearly not ever put the poor and hungry before any other cause, including war, the defense budget, Wall Street and private industry in general.

Thirty years ago Obama would have been a proud candidate for the Republican party, palling around side-by-side Ronald Reagan. He is not a liberal, no matter how many times people repeat that. It is just that the Republican party of yesteryear is gone and what has remained has moved substantially more to the Right, getting greedier and more Orwellian than ever, in turn making someone like Obama look like a Liberal.

Conservative hypocrisy and callousness truly have no bounds.

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Religious (Il)Logic



Yes, god really does work in fucked up, demented mysterious ways.

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Just Have Faith



I have never understood the value of having faith, especially in some supreme being, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.  I am not talking about having faith in people, I am talking about faith in the context of god and religion.

Why is believing in something, having faith in something, without evidence and proof a good thing? Why is there value in that?

Why does everyone consider it such an admirable, honorable and even superior trait – like a badge of honor? “Look, I have faith in god, aren’t I grand“?

But why?

Again, why is believing in something without evidence, proof and facts supposed to be superior to fact-based knowledge? And, more to the point, is there proof that faith works?

Seems to me like faith is nothing more than wishful thinking – at best. It is exactly like the example depicted above: someone tells you to believe something –  which you know is not true – to be the truth and to not ask questions. Just believe it, even if you know better, in the hopes that it may happen.

Now religious people argue that god, in all his wisdom and omnipotence, and especially love, wants you to have faith – wants you to believe in him no matter what, so he can bless you. He wants to show his love through his great power and his subjects’ faithfulness is the key to unlocking his blessing in their lives.

Jesus said, “According to your faith will it be done to you” (Matthew 9:29 NIV). Based on this, god wants to allegedly pour blessings into all areas of your life – in your family, in your career, in your finances, in your health, in your relationships – but he will do it according to the level of your faith. If you have great faith, you will have great blessing. If you have a little faith, you will receive a little blessing. But if you have no faith, God’s blessing will not be in your life.

Of course we know that is not true. Terrible things happen to people who have faith (i.e. the very religious) and great things happen to people who do not have faith of any kind. This childish, oversimplified formula of “just have faith and all will be dandy” does not hold (unless you are some truly deluded simpleton who considers being abducted, raped and forced to bear the child of your rapist a blessing).

chainofcommandparttwo339_jpg_627x325_crop_upscale_q85Moreover, this quid pro quo notion that this supposedly supreme, loving being is sporting is pretty damn selfish and arrogant. It is all about his ego “kiss my ass, and I will bless you. if you don’t, I will fuck you up.” Spoken like a true gangster boss. Stroke Le Grand Maestro’s ego, and he will give you your heart’s desire. Cross him, and you may find the head of a horse in your bed tomorrow.

How many lights do you see?” Four? No, you see three, because I say so.”

But I do see four!”

No, you see three. Trust me. And all you have to do is just admit that you only see three and you are off the hook. You get your blessings, you get your reward. All you have to do is just admit that you see three lights have faith.”

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