A Few Observations

US turning 20141) America is not turning 2014 years old! Some of the people in these tweets may be joking ( I honestly cannot tell) but given the the degree with which religion  – or to be more precise Christianity – has been permeating and infesting this nation and its law to a very serious degree and up to a point of being right-out harmful, don’t think for one second that this is a joke and that some (or, a lot) of these jingoists do no also believe that the Founding Fathers, together with the 12 Apostles and Jesus – signed the Declaration of Independence.

2) Paying your taxes is patriotic. Yes, none of us like to do it and if you are a middle class person having to shell out nearly 40% of your income in taxes while the wealthy get tax exemptions, I don’t blame you one bit for doing everything you can to reduce your tax liability or even if you loathe paying them.

This is more a nod to all those wealthy people, the one percenters, the Apple Inc.s and Googles, Microsofts, GEs and Mitt Romneys and Boehners of the world who call themselves patriots but don’t pay their fair share of taxes and instead siphon their wealth to offshore accounts or build car elevators while free riding on all the things that other peoples’ tax dollars pay for.

If you believe in America. If you love America. If you support America – and by extention its government – then the patriotic thing to do is pay your fair share of taxes. If you pay little to no taxes and you are wealthy, you are not a patriot. Period.


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