Israel Vows Scaling Back Of Gaza War Will Be On Its Own Terms

Israel’s prime minister and war monger du jour has warned Hamas that it will “pay an intolerable price” if it continues to fire rockets at Israel and that Israeli troops will operate as long as necessary to restore calm for Israeli citizens.

Benjamin Netanyahu also suggested in televised remarks Saturday that the Israeli military will reassess its Gaza operation once troops complete the demolition of Hamas military tunnels under the Gaza-Israel border.

Netanyahu says that once the tunnels are demolished, “the military will prepare for continuing action in according to our security needs and only according to our security needs.” He says all options remain on the table.

Yes Israel will finish its ethnic cleansing when it feels that it has achieved the maximum and desired number of Arab deaths.

And how sadly ironic to think that the massacre Israel has created is not already intolerable price that the Palestinians are paying.

And we here in the support get to support Israel’s genocidal ambitions with our tax dollars, as Congress just approved $225 MILLION to replenish Israel’s missile defenses (you know, from the money we constantly say we don’t have to put into social programs and to feed and insure our poor and hard working middle class folks and extend unemployment benefits etc.) Yet for war we magically seem to always have all the money there is.

Israel is a war criminal alright, financed by the US tax payer – so by extension we are all part of it.


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