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Dear Antonin Scalia, Thank You For Dying

The more I learn about this sorry excuse of a human being in the wake of his long-overdue demise, the more I am convinced that his death is a true salvation to  this nation.

Last week, I reported that the luxury resort in West Texass where Scalia died and stayed for free was owned by J.B. Poindexter & Co., a manufacturing firm with  seven subsidiaries and a  combined annual revenue of nearly $1 billion. One of Poindexter’s companies was involved in a case that made it to the high court  last year; a case the Supreme Court declined to hear. And here we were, a year later,  where a Justice of that very same court stayed for free at the luxurious home/ranch of the owner of the company involved in a case which the Supreme Court refused to hear.

This week we find out that Dow Chemical,  one of America’s largest chemical manufacturers, agreed on Friday to settle a price-fixing lawsuit for $835 million in the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

The company had challenged a $1 billion judgment in a high-stakes, class-action case. But without Scalia, it appears the new reality at the high court was too big a gamble for the company to continue with the litigation.

In other words, the felon chemical company was counting on Scalia to uphold his corporate malfeasance, which is why they did not want to initially settle. They knew Scalia would have their back. When he died, that certainty no longer was and so they decided it may be in their best interest to settle after all.

Speak of malfeasance: reports have surfaced of him having spent his last hours with members of a secretive society of elite hunters called the International Order of St. Hubertus. Yes, hunters. His entire life, Scalia aligned himself with power against the powerless. Be it powerless humans or powerless animals, all just the same to that old sociopath.

Knowing that his absence means that he will no longer be able to continue doing what he has been doing, puts a smile on my face. I am grateful to know he is dead.

At the same time, I am saddened that our country – or actually society – has been keeping such a contemptible human being on payroll, so to speak, for all this time, granting him safety and immunity and thus a platform from which to engage in said contemptible actions.

I am sad and contemptuous that we live in a society where someone so vile and reprehensible as Scalia could not only thrive, but where he would be celebrated and hailed as a brilliant man, scholar and leader for whom nations lower their flags in his honor.

I do know that he was a terrible person who did not contribute a single positive thing to the world he lived in.  What troubles me is that so many people don’t.

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Stupit Sh!t I Read On My Lunch Break


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The Death of A Wretched Human Being: Antonin Scalia

downloadLast week, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at the age of 79 in some luxury resort in West Texass. He did not pay to stay at that luxury resort owned by John B. Poindexter,  a Texas native and decorated Vietnam veteran who owns Houston-based J.B. Poindexter & Co., a manufacturing firm with  seven subsidiaries and a  combined annual revenue of nearly $1 billion. Poindexter told The Washington Post that Scalia was not charged for his stay, something he described as a policy for all guests at the ranch.

I did not pay for the Justice’s trip to Cibolo Creek Ranch,” Poindexter wrote in a brief email Tuesday. “He was an invited guest, along with a friend, just like 35 others.”

A friend, indeed.

One of Poindexter’s companies was involved in a case that made it to the high court. Last year, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case involving an age discrimination lawsuit filed against one of these companies, court records show.

Is it just mere coincidence that a year later we see a Justice of that very same court invited to the luxurious home/ranch of the owner of the company involved in a case which the Supreme Court refused to hear?

Nothing about who Scalia was suggests that it could be a mere coincidence. What is for certain, however, is that it constitutes a conflict of interest.

Interesting to note is that this was not the first time Scalia acted unethically (that we know of).  In 2004, he joined then-Vice President Richard B. Cheney on a hunting trip while Cheney was the subject of a lawsuit over his energy task force, and in response to calls that he sit out the case, Scalia issued a highly unusual 21-page argument explaining why he refused to do so.

While judges have to file financial disclosure statements, including reporting of gifts they receive and disclosing when someone who is not a relative gives them “transportation, lodging, food, or entertainment” worth a certain amount (see 1978 Ethics in Government Act passed in the wake of the Watergate scandal), there is really no one who enforces that. And while every other federal judge below the Supreme Court and the decision about whether or not they should be recused from cases where there could be a potential conflict of interest is potentially subject to the review of a higher judge or other judges on his court, no one reviews the decision of a Justice and thus Supreme Court justices essentially become the final arbiters of whether or not to recuse themselves from cases that may constitute a conflict of interest.

Why am I bringing this up on the day of Antonin Sacalia’s funeral? Because while much of the mainstream press was quickly lining up to offer glowing commemorations of his career as a public servant and brilliant man, I want to be sure that Scalia’s destructive judicial legacy is  not completely whitewashed.

He was an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and treasured by his colleagues”…  Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr  said in a statement confirming Justice Scalia’s death. “His passing is a great loss to the Court and the country he so loyally served.”

No it is not. Antonin Scalia’s death is great news and this nation’s salvation. He did not serve this country loyally.  On the contrary,  he used and abused his position in the highest court of the land to align himself with power, against the powerless.

Scalia was a contemptible human being who once during oral arguments in a pivotal affirmative action case suggested that African American students might belong at less rigorous schools than their white peers, and that perhaps the University of Texas should have fewer black students in its ranks.

He decided his cases based on what the Catholic church preaches about women and reproduction.

He repeatedly and casually equated LGBT and its advocates to apologists for incest, rape, bestiality, child pornography and murder.

He has been nothing but an antagonist to social justice ever since he took seat on that bench/ivory tower of his. Heck, his last official act was denying a stay of execution.

Scalia’s death is not a loss to this nation or the Supreme Court. Scalia was the disease that’s been gnawing and eating away at our Democracy like a malignancy.  His death is our salvation as a nation.

And that is what I have to say about him on this day of his funeral.

May he rest in the hell he believed in so much and which he created for others during his short time in this world.


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