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Leave Lance Armstrong Alone

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Seriously. Don’t we have more important matters in this country to worry about than spend millions of dollars and apparently also hours to go after someone to determine whether he juiced up his red blood cells in the name of riding a bicycle, especially taking into account that at the time he was doping,  doping was quite a common practice, which means the playing field was even and he won by having to do the work vis a vis the other dopers.

In light of Oprah’s recent interview with Lance Armstrong, there has been a deluge of Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal – Exclamation Point!!!! – segments all over the news discussing Armstrong’s horrible, inhumane act of having cheated as an athlete and how the world of athletics, and cute puppy dogs and everything in between will just be sucked into a void of bleak nothingness and all hell will break loose, if it hasn’t already, if Armstrong is not only stripped off every Tour de France title but also off every ounce of his humanity and dignity.

People are outraged at his confession, say he didn’t do enough, wasn’t remorseful enough and didn’t say and admit enough. Anderson Cooper had a three man panel on his show analyzing Armstrong’s every word in the interview with Oprah questioning his apology and the way he said it  – stating that she was in fact “satisfied” – as if he fucking owed her any explanations anyway – accusing him of not having apologized enough or not having sounded apologetic enough blah blah blah.

I mean what the fuck do they want? That he flog himself? That he publicly receive 2000 lashes while screaming out a confession? That he come to the mountain wearing thorns and chains, offering mea culpa while in agony? Would that satisfy her?

When is a man absolved of his transgressions, especially when those transgressions haven’t actually killed, maimed or hurt anyone, like, oh I don’t know Mike Tyson – a convicted rapist who got out early and who seems to be making quite a nice come back despite being a violent, depraved sex offender who thinks women are nothing but fuck holes to be “boned” as he put it delicately.


How many confessions does someone need to make so that it is to the satisfaction of the people who act like they are without sin and have clean slates while Lance Armstrong was the horrible Antichrist of the athletic world.  The liar of liars.

And more to the point, don’t we have anything better to do and more important priorities in life – as a country – such as, for instance, going after BP, or the robber barons of the financial world that were escorted out of Wall Street with multi-million dollar bonus checks courtesy of the taxes us loser middle class, lazy 47% mooches have paid to the government while said robber barons were siphoning their wealth and the collective wealth of the nation into offshore accounts getting wealthier by the day? Or the NRA whose emblem is dripping with the blood of victims of gun violence?

Instead we are going after Armstrong? And we hate him so much, we want him, as a cancer survivor,  to leave the cancer community alone?

Yeah, I mean how dare he soil the good name of cancer???

The enthusiasm with which Armstrong has been persecuted reveals an astounding absence of any sense of proportion

The powers tasked with unravelling the layers of doping in cycling have called for a “Truth and Reconciliation” tribunal to be convened — as if cheaters in a bicycle race might be compared with the people who ran the apartheid system in South Africa.


The Proud Works of BP

As Buzz Bissinger from The Daily Besat put it: “if government-funded agencies, instead of persecuting big-name athletes for the primary purpose of whipping the media into orgasm this side of Fifty Shades of Gray, spent their time investigating the blue-suited sheikhs of the banking cartel whose only crime was to destroy the economy, the country might actually be on the road to recovery”.

As The National Postwrote “Lost in the post mortem is the fact that cycling in Armstrong’s era was a sport where doping was as common as Gatorade, and where reluctance to comply with the status quo simply meant that someone else got the title; doing the right thing and playing clean was never really much of an option. […] The absurdity of accepting blood doping as an unspoken part of the sport — only to vilify it later when that same practice falls into public disrepute — isn’t just hypocritical. It ignores an important question: If a rule isn’t enforced at the time, is transgressing it still wrong??

Mike Tyson a Rapist: Redeemed

Lance Armstrong Cheated in Sports: Burn at the Stake

May I also point out the immense double standard that is being employed by pointing to an earlier entry of mine on Mike Tyson, a violent, convicted rapist who has been welcomed back with open arms by the entertainment industry while his victims are being villainized as gold digging whores responsible for having robbed this grand master of his fame and fortune by being riled up over something like rape and abuse.

A double standard whereby cheating in sports is an unforgivable, sacrilegious offense for which the perpetrator cannot be punished, spit on, humiliated, scolded and socially excluded and ostracized enough but where being a violent rapist who brutalizes women is a forgivable offense which, according to some, was never real anyway. Tyson was framed. Wrongly accused. Innocent all along. 


So here we have Tyson whose fame and fortune are being reinstated,  while Lance Armstrong is having his remaining testicles pulled  for having tested positive on and lied about doping.

Now had Lance Armstrong raped someone, ten to one, he would now be sitting with Pierce Morgan giving an interview with most of his fans smearing the woman as a gold digging slut who probably asked for it anyway while taking Armstrong’s side as the poor, misunderstood guy whose manhood is under attack. 

Clearly, Tyson’s monstrous transgressions are no match for the endless years and millions spent to determine whether Armstrong cheated or not.

So worry no longer, robber barons and shining examples of the American Dream of Wall Street.  Rest assured that the possibility of your criminal malfeasance is safe as long as there’s a big-name athlete or some other fall guy who isn’t you around the corner believed to be picking his nose for ill-gotten gain and profit.

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