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Kim Kardashian Defends her Fame-Whoring As Hard Work. Proves Jon Hamm Right Five Minutes Later

Jon Hamm, in a recent interview with ELLE UK, slammed Kim Kuntrashian’s ass harder than Ray J when he said that “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated […] Being a fucking idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly.” He went on to say that “Incuriousness has become cool… It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Hamm’s statement, while harsh,  hits the nail right on the head. Just a few months ago, Kuntrashian was given 17 million dollars for faking a for-profit 72 day marriage and everything she has been doing since that sex video of hers that accidentally on purpose hit the ether, has been as a result of the moronic vacuousness she’s been spreading and celebrating.

She and her sisters will do whatever it takes to stay in the limelight. As long as Kim can selfishly profit from her celebrity status, nothing is sacred. Be it her vaginal opening and labia we all got to see when she made the sex tape that shot her to fame, or her sister schlepping the camera team to her gynecologist when she had a pelvic exam, or even when they took the camera crew to the cemetery where her father is buried; nothing is sacred for these bitches.

With these kinds of stunts, as well as aligning herself with brands and products to promote,  Kim K has made millions. She has no talent, no education, no brains and contributes nothing even remotely worthwhile to the world she inhabits. She is a parasite at best and Hamm was right with his comments about her idiocy getting unduly rewarded.

Khloe Kuntrashian getting a pelvic exam with half the E! film crew in tow.

But Hamm is not the only who has come out against cultural vulchers such as Kardassian. In November, actor Daniel Craig also referred to the Kardashians as “fuckking idiots” when expressing his distaste for reality television to British GQ. Likewise, actor Jonah Hill told The Huffington Post in December, “The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like ‘Mad Men’ is disgusting. It’s super disgusting to be a part of that culture.”

Hearing her name in the news and immediately thinking about another publicity stunt she can squeeze out of this, Kim tweeted this today in response to Hamm’s remarks:

I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, ‘stupid,’ is in my opinion careless

Fame Whoring is hard Work

Kim K is right, it takes  cleverness and ambition to get someone to pay you millions of dollars for things like getting your hair and make up done, shopping, being photographed and attending award shows while promoting everything that pays you a dime. But isn’t it taking a little too far to state that she owns her own business? Yes, she is the highest grossing cash cow in the Karadashian whore ranch, but Mama Kris runs the show and she determines the rates.

And if I am correct, before becoming “famous” for being a pissed-on whore she had her daddy give her money so she can open her own boutique.

And ripping off the designs of others does not make you a “designer” either, just as executive producing a reality show that ran for 8 episodes  doesn’t make you a producer.

The only thing Kim has ever created, besides superficiality and greed, someone else paid for and no, having your publicist write your blog entries that consist of you promoting something or giving make up tips does not make you a writer either bimbette.

Jon Hamm is On to Something

The irony, of course, is that five minutes after politely slapping Hamm over Twitter for calling her a fucking idiot that promotes an idiot culture, she posted pouty pictures of herself in a blonde wig, wondering how’d she look like with blonde hair and then went on posting some more pics of her barely clothed and with blonde hair, wondering the same question for the remainder of the day.

So is Hamm really that far off? You have to look at the bigger picture here, as there is a broader canvas that Hamm was referencing. I mean, we live in a culture where a man who runs for president and actually wins a few primaries holds the notion that wanting our citizens to be educated and to go to college makes a person “a snob” who’s trying to “indoctrinate you” and telling you how to live your life. One in which the Vice Presidential running mate believes that you can see Russia from your backyard and who is so devoid of ideas and core principles (i.e. doesn’t know what she’s talking about) that she has to write notes on her hand to remind her of what she actually should be saying during a public address.

We live in a culture in which 52 percent of  Mississippi Republicans believe that the President of the United States is a Muslim. Where we pretend that a warlord on the African continent can be taken down by liking a movie on Facebook.

One in which nearly 80 percent (!) of the population believes in Creationism, which is the notion that god created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years and where 70 percent believe that a  presidential candidate’s views on evolution are not really relevant and therefore should not be discussed as part of the campaign (but where nearly 80% believe that their religious beliefs, on the other hand, are relevant and should be discussed as part of the campaign).

We live in a culture in which over 50 percent of Americans, that is half the population, believe that god created man exactly how the Bible describes it (Source: Gallup)

And Kim Kardashian exists in this country, within this very culture. Her political counterpart Sarah Palin gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for spreading misinformation. And Kim gets paid millions to be on TV and talk about how itchy her Botox makes her and her sister’s rate of sexual intercourse with her husband and how well he is endowed.

Of course Hamm is not suggesting that the above mentioned is Kardashian’s fault. And she does contribute to charity (which also makes for a nice tax write off, but that’s another story). But a woman who’s made millions making a sex tape where someone peed on her face, and who thinks that “the worst thing on the planet” is wearing the wrong foundation and whose life consists of giving make up tips, partying and injecting Botox at the age of 29 (thus also setting a horrible example for teens following her), is not someone who is contributing to raise the collective IQ of the nation.

She is the quintessential product of  the stupidity-rewarding, greed-promoting and moronic Jersey Shore culture of this nation.

So, memo to Kim: when you are famous for being a pissed on whore with perfect foundation, you really should be happy that you continue to get a paycheck and not tweet challenge someone who actually does have an ounce of brain and then prove his point by Tweeting a picture of yourself doing exactly what he accused you of being.

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Review: Reality Bites

Never has angst looked so attractive and essential

Reality Bites” is a movie that I found (and still find) to be very close to the real life experiences people who leave the safety of college face. If you are in your late 30s or early 40s and kinda settled in your ways and job, you probably won’t get this movie anymore. You are too grown up and the issues these mid-20 something kids are facing will seem trivial and nonsensical to you.

Heck, even the actors, in the movie’s “special features” section – especially Steve Zahn and Ethan Hawke, as well as Ben Stiller – don’t really get the characters they played 16 years ago anymore. They talk about how childish their struggles in retrospect seem to have been and how bratty and ungrateful they find their characters now that they themselves have reached their mid-late 30s, early 40s and apparently figured out what life is all about: “having a career or something…” I guess that’s where the true tragedy lies: no longer being able to identify with your idealistic, hopeful, driven young self of the past anymore.

Lelaina Pierce (Winona Ryder) just can't seem to figure it out

This movie is about four friends who face life – Reality – right after college. Leleina’s (Winona Ryder) speech at the beginning of the movie about what her generation is going to do with the damage they have inherited and a poignant “I dont know” as a response sum it up pretty well.

She is the valedictorian of her college and an aspiring documentary film maker. She walks around with her camera filming her friends, asking them lots of personal and intimate questions about themselves and life in order to eventually create a documentary that will mean something. She wants to make a difference in the world and just like any hopeful college student, was imagining that she would “be somebody” after all the hard work she put in thus far. Little did she know that Reality just doesnt work that way. It’s hard to be a saint in a paradise that is crumbling and when paying your rent takes precedence over making a meaningful difference in someone’s, or even your own, life.

That's all we need: a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee and a little bit of conversation. Just you and me and five bucks

She shares an apartment with her nerdy-hip friend Vicki Miner (Janeane Garofalo) who is a cynical yet at the same time strangely idealistic girl working at The Gap as a manager. Even though she is hip and goofy she is also lonely and feels like she is pursuing hollow ambitions. She graduated college, but the only thing she really seems to have remembered is her social security number, which she can recite to Leleina even when she is drunk and stoned at the same time. If you’ve gone to college in the 90s, you’ll know that your social is just about the most important and over-used thing ever.

Their gay friend Sam, who seems very tight with Vicki, has even less of a clue about what he wants to do with his life now that he graduated. He is shy and has not come out to his mother yet about being gay. He thinks he needs to have a career of some sort, but just like his counterparts, is floating adrift in a sea of cluelessness about not only who he is but also what is expected out of him.

Troy Dyer (Ethan Hawke)

And then finally there is Troy Dyer, brilliantly acted by Ethan Hawke. Troy is a rebel, the freethinker, the “what’s-it-all-mean” kinda  guy. He is a philosophy major who was only a few units away from his BFA – yet he does not seem very interested in ever going back to finish up. He is superbly smart and could probably land a good paying job faster than any of his friends if he actually put some ambition and effort into it, but he doesnt want to. He is an artist and his music and philosophy mean a lot to him and he seems to have little use or respect for the “establishment”. His music and his philosophy mean so much to him that he is not willing to just give it all up so he can get that “toehold in the burger industry”. In fact, he has a disdain for it and the fact that his everyone has sold out to it.  His father is dying of cancer and he doesnt want to give up the one thing that means something to him and then end up like him, with tumors growing in his groin.

Troy is madly, insanely and secretly in love with Lelaina and because that is the only non-cynical emotion he has, he has a hard time telling her to her face how he feels about her or even fully commit. He dates a lot of faceless girls whose names he often doesnt remember and whose phone numbers he can memorex even less.

As far as Troy (Ethan Hawke) is concerned, the establishment owes him Snickers

Troy is the most interesting and intriguing character in this movie as he just symbolizes the struggle his generation is facing so poignantly and realistically. The philosopher and artist inside him refuses to sell out for a steady paycheck and an equally meaningless and meager profession that will catapult his life into a boring, meaningless and existential rut. He takes pleasure in the details, like “quarter pounders with cheese, the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, the moment your laughter becomes a cackle…” and all he and Leleina apparently need are 5 bucks, a coffee and good conversation. He steals a Snickers from the gas station he works at, stating that the establishment “owed him Snickers” and gets fired.

When he moves in with Leilana and Vicky, Vicky says that it is only temporary until “he can afford his own place”. Lelaina responds that this was the American dream of the 90s and could take years. Indeed. Even in the 2010s, if you can afford your own place by the time you are 35, you are lucky. The Dream never seems to end for America.

"There is no secret handshake. There is an IQ pre-requisite, but no secret handshake"

The diametrical opposite to Troy is Michael Grates (Ben Stiller). He is a bit older, a few years out of college and pretty much grounded in reality. He takes an interest in Leleina after he runs into her car by accident and has her come to his office only to find out that she is broke and cannot afford a law suit. When he first comes over to the “maxi pad” (as Vicky calls their apartment), Troy mistakes him for a “collection agent”. Michael is precisely what Troy does not want to be: he wears a suit, he has a boring corporate job, a steady income; in short: a sellout.  In a way he Michael “conformed” to the system and he has learned to walk the line of adulthood and idealism because he has realized that sometimes you gotta wrap the meatloaf in attractive wrapping (i.e. make concessions) to sell it. Troy thinks he’s the reason Cliff’s notes were invented. Tensions ensue as Leleina finds herself rejected from jobs she didn’t even want to have and as Troy’s feelings for her finally come to the surface, in turn creating tension between her and Michael.

Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke

This is a movie that captures the Zeitgeist of Generation X pretty accurately. I cannot describe the so many ways in which the struggles these college graduates go through truly resembles the reality for many people in their age and place. I’ve lived nearly every moment and spoken nearly every dialog said in this movie in my own life.

These kids are overeducated and underpaid and, literally, from one day to the other, have to come to terms with the fact that all the hard work they put into their education and idealism is not going to become a reality – at least not anytime soon and definitely not the way they imagined it would.

Troy resists this disillusionment as much as he can – which is what makes him so appealing as a character: he represents the “I won’t surrender” scream we all wished we had yelled out at some point in our lives to declare our independence but also the discontent with the status quo. But we all know that – as if trapped in quicksand – Troy will be sucked into accepting this biting Reality at some point in his life, like the rest of us, whether he likes it or not.  Let’s just hope he does not end up like his father.

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