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LOLZ Forever: Foxnation – “Join the Community that believes in the American dream.” 

Ahh, there is indeed nothing worse that an unembarrassed hypocrite from the Right. These people and their sheep followers really believe that the robber baron policies they stand for, perpetuate and support lead everyone to vast riches when in reality the only people they serve are the architects of this lie, the robber barons themselves.

The American Dream was the creation of a solid middle class after WWII where people had well paying jobs, women finally began entering the work force with a steady income so that people could lead a middle class lifestyle, such as own a home, drive a car, send the kids to school and be comfortable.

It was not, contrary to the propaganda spewed by the Right, becoming a millionaire. It was about upward social mobility in an unprecedented manner and extent where a stable class of peoples who are neither poor nor rich, as in millionaires, can thrive.  And that was achieved through government policies directed at creating and subsequently protecting the middle class – and thus the very things that the GOP and their lobbying arm Fox Nation/”News” are fighting against everyday under the guise and lie of The American Dream where supposedly everyone should be a millionaire and if they aren’t, well then they are losers and lazy assholes incapable of achievement and uninterested in something better.

 Just look at where all the cuts are supposed to come from everytime there is a debt crisis and the government needs to raise revenue: “entitlements” – food stamps, social security (which is a system that is paid into and not part of the government budget funded by tax dollars), medicare, medicaide and other such middle class protecting policies and institutions (oil subsidies and giving rich people tax breaks they don’t need are not called entitlements, of course. See, rich people taking money from the poor is just them getting rewarded for all their hard working. But the other way around, in the from of a social safety net, is called entitlements).

The wealthy are not to be taxed more and the loopholes through which they evade paying their fair share also not be closed, because you know they are the job creators blah blah yawn, even though the only thing they do create with all that excess money are fatter and bigger bank accounts.

Instead let hard working people who are struggling more and more everyday carry the burden so the privileged can remain privileged. Let them subsidize the privilege of wealthy people.

That’s what Fox “News” and the Republican party at large stand for: greed and hate. Nothing else and especially not The American Dream.


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