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People Who Advocate For Guns Really Want to Use Them

I have this theory, or suspicion really, that people who keep defending  the Second Amendment  – which allegedly gives every Tom, Dick and Harry the unlimited and unmitigated right to own guns (it does not) – and who keep advocating for gun ownership by citizens so that we may all “defend” ourselves against them evil government forces that may come after us, especially under Obama, and rapists, murderers, burglars, gays, lesbians, atheists, walkers, socialists and all those other bad, evil elements out there who try to get our guns and Bible and ruin our American way of life blah blah yawn, actually secretly hope that they really may have to use that gun one day.

All this “I want to be able to defend myself” crap is just that and a huge lie to cover the fact that these people are really secretly hoping that they may have to pull that trigger one day.

It is abundantly clear why the NRA is making people paranoid to get them to fight for more gun ownership: they have gun-industry backing and are pretty much the personal marketing/PR arm of gun manufacturers in this country.

But your average Joe who is all fired up about owning guns to allegedly protect himself from evil forces etc,  really just seems to be someone who loves guns and worse, someone who does see value in harming, injuring and even murdering people.

And such individuals have gotten into the habit, thanks to the NRA and its fear mongering, of using the Second Amendment and “safety” as an excuse to be able to carry around these deadly tools.

One such individual is Markus Kaarma, a man from Missoula, Montana who shot and murdered 17 year old Diren Dede after setting a trap for intruders by intentionally leaving the garage open and placing a purse in clear view.  After motion sensors detected someone in the garage, Kaarma shot Dede. While Kaarma has since been charged with first degree murder, he is already invoking a Stand Your Ground-like defense.

Kaarma is not the first to claim he was justified in killing someone after setting a trap. A Minnesota jury rejected Byron Smith’s argument that he was standing his ground when he made it look as though he wasn’t home, and waited in the basement with food and water until two teen intruders descended, and he shot them dead. Audio recorded by Smith depicted him toying with the victimsafter he shot them, according to the New York Daily News, saying “you’re dead.” He also likened them to “vermin.”

Both men said they had been victims of burglaries, and were aiming to protect themselves. And while Kaarma may fail in his attempt to claim that eliciting an intruder constitutes self-defense even under expansive self-defense laws that remove any duty to retreat, the emergence of traps is the latest example of the sort of vigilante justice individuals are attempting to justify under expansive self-defense doctrines pushed by gun advocates and the NRA.

The NRA-backed law passed in 2009 not only added a Stand Your Ground provision but it also expanded that law by allowing self-defense inside the home. While it once only authorized deadly force against an intruder who was acting in a “violent, riotous, or tumultuous manner,” the new law allows deadly force by an individual who “reasonably believes” the force is necessary to prevent assault or a forcible felony. The 2009 law also shifted the burden of proof and presumes that the shooter is innocent, according to Gary Marbut a Montana gun lobbyist who has written model state laws.

“Stand your Ground” laws and all the other lobbying for gun-ownership-galore the NRA has done to make gun ownership attractive and desirable, have created a culture where gun ownership and murder “in self defense” have slowly been turned into hunting licenses that allow people to murder for sport.

Not to trivialize the matter by drawing parallels to movies,  but this reminds of the move “The Purge” (which I highly recommend you see when you get the chance) where the active agenda has become not self defense but a “Pro-active” hunting scenario.

Setting up a  trap, baiting it, waiting for some “prey”, literally prey, to enter and then proceed to shoot and kill another human like some rabid dog while afterwards invoking the “Stand Your Ground” provision is a truly heinous and dangerous pattern that has been emerging.

The basic requirement of a civil society is that access to firearms and overwhelming force are limited by law and a social contract limiting the use of those forces. By allowing both unlimited access to weapons and a host of justifications for using them, we are breaking the most basic elements of our social contract that make us a “civilized” and democratic society.

The real tragedy here is that fear mongering and proselytizing  groups such as the NRA , militia style groups and vigilantes have constructed a mind set that signals to people that it is ok to shoot to kill with no accountability for our actions, which is exactly why Kaarma and the likes of him have been invoking Stand Your Ground laws to retroactively justify the murders they committed. When you set the groundwork and create all these provisions and loopholes under which it is “ok” and “legal” to kill, people will then also use those to live out and justify their actions.

Again, guns do not make us a safer, better society. Guns are for thugs, criminals and uncivilized peoples and societies and the idea that if law abiding citizens get to carry a gun around with them to church, school, government buildings, bars, night-clubs and a host of other public places, we would then all be a better, safer society is one of the biggest lies ever perpetuated by the gun lobby. Not to mention that carrying a gun would certainly not have helped someone like Diren Dede who was ambushed and trapped like an animal by a man living out his murder lust under the guise  of “self-defense” and the Second Amendment.

This heinous social experiment that is costing people their lives must stop.

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Today in Kuntrashian World: Guns are Cool

The gun Kim K tweeted

The gun Kim K tweeted

Kim Kuntrashian, fame whore and useless, “reality” TV parasite extraordinaire, uploaded the image of a diamond encrusted .22-caliber revolver to her Instagram page on Saturday – weeks after 26 people lost their lives in the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut and less than a month after she asked on her Twitter page that people sign a pledge to help combat gun violence in the US following the massacre.

She swiftly removed the picture from her page after a flurry of angry comments from followers but alas it was too late, as the picture made the rounds on the internet regardless.

Normally I would not waste a post pointing out the obvious, namely what kind of a useless and shameless famewhore Kim Kuntrashian and her family of equally useless, gold digging, shameless fame whores are. But this is impressively terrible even by this bitch’s baseless standards. 

She just has too much influence to be this blind and ignorant towards what she puts out there, although there is no doubt in my mind that she really doesn’t care about the criticism as even bad publicity is still publicity  – which is exactly what she  and her family crave.

What Ms. Kuntrashian  – and sadly her fans and followers – do not realize when posting and admiring the picture of a diamond encrusted or designer gun is that no matter how pretty the gun is, it still shoots a hot bullet through flesh causing severe damage.  It is not like only ugly looking guns kill and pierce through flesh while pretty designer ones don’t.

It is also deeply hypocritical – not to mention just cruel – to be, on the one hand, signing an anti gun pledge while on the other hand being seen flaunting a diamond encrusted, fancy gun prefaced with the words “bang bang” just a few weeks after a horrific shooting where children had their faces blown off with guns. Bang, Bang.

kim k tweetWhen Kim’s followers see someone popular do it and flaunt it and embrace it and bang bang make it a casual thing, they wanna do it. too – just like they want to do everything else she does. Only that this isn’t hair and make up tips, but a fucking gun.

Kardashian knows perfectly well who and how old her fans and followers are and that they will take this message from her to mean that guns are cool, that shooting is cool – all of which just fucking makes this an incredibly irresponsible act at best.

And that is the problem ultimately, isn’t it: peoples’ irresponsible attitudes towards guns. Not usage, but attitude – in addition to the pathological fascination with guns and thinking that they are cool.

Posting this image ultimately underscores the problem with the gun culture in this country where people are fascinated with tools of murder so much so that they carelessly and casually fancy such tools without thinking about the implications such behavior, such fancying, has on gun violence.

These mass shootings and other gun deaths do not happen in a vacuum  There are a host of actions, behaviors and imagery  – perceived or actual – ultimately contributing to a reluctance on the side of the public to push for a ban on guns. I mean why should they? Kim K is posting one on her Twitter so it must be sexy – slaughter of children or not.

Bang, bang.

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Quote of the Day

Jim Carrey tweet

Amen. Thank you Mr. Carrey. At least someone has a good grasp of what kind of human beings all those with a pathological fascination with tools of murder are – especially when those tools have been used to massacre children.

Of course, this did not go over well with those who fear that a black President by the strange African name of Obama himself will,  at any minute, walk through their front door and take away their precious guns.

Fox Nation referred to the comment as “nasty“, while Red Alert Politics writer Erin Brown wrote about it at length, decrying the tweet as a “careless remarkrooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites.”

Yeah, those damn liberal intellectuals always standing in the way of utter stupidity…I know.

Brown went on pissing and moaning about the popularity of Carrey’s statement: “Sadly, his divisive comment has received more than 3,400 retweets and more than 1,600 ‘favorites’ as of this printing, proving once again that the power wielded by Hollywood celebrities carries a very real influence.”

Other Right wing nut jobs have called the tweet “mean” and “cruel” and “unfair.

I mean sure, we clearly have to worry about the feelings of those who react to the mass slaughter of children by immediately rushing out to purchase the types of weapons those children were slaughtered with. After all, there is absolutely nothing tactless, pathological, cruel and soul less about doing that. How dare anyone criticize them for the worthless human beings they are?

It is astounding. Really. Just about everything angers the Right: people having access to healthcare, fair wages, environmental protection, the poor, women, gays, racial minorities, immigrants, education, science, reducing gun violence, straight people who have no problem with gay people, minorities voting, liberals voting, atheists…everything is an ungodly offense to them.

I received a letter from a reader telling me that he lives in a small community where the local outdoor hunting and fishing store has been selling eight assault weapons a day all before noon. As soon as they get a shipment, people flock in to purchase the new AR-15s. That is adding over forty assault weapons per week to his community, he complained.

Anyone who owns, brandishes, and loves a high-capacity military killing device or guns in general has some serious mental demons that no amount of armor-piercing, cop killer bullets can kill. Gun fetish and worship is just another pathological mental disorder and those who advocate and embrace it, especially this shortly after such a horrific massacre, truly have nothing worth saving and protecting – under any amendment. What they did is like buying cyanide gas a week after people have been freed from gas chambers.

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Gun Facts: United States and United Kingdom


graph (1)


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Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!

Having no inhibitions to benefit from a tragedy, such as the shooting in Colorado last night that left 12 people dead and more than fifty wounded, Representative Louie Gohmert from Texas used this opportunity to push his agenda of gun wielding religiosity on everyone by stating that the shootings were a result of “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs.” 

You know what really gets me, as a Christian, is to see the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and then some senseless crazy act of a derelict takes place,” Gohmert said.

He also questioned why nobody else in the theater had a gun to take down the shooter:

It does make me wonder, with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying a gun that could have stopped this guy more quickly?”

He went on to say that “some of us happen to believe that when our founders talked about guarding our virtue and freedom, that that was important. Whether it’s John Adams saying our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people … Ben Franklin, only a virtuous people are capable of freedom, as nations become corrupt and vicious they have more need of masters. We have been at war with the very pillars, the very foundation of this country.”

He concluded that the shooting in Colorado was a “a terrorist act” that could have been avoided if the country placed a higher value on God.

Did I miss something? Was there a part omitted in the Bible that says “And the Christ did whippeth out his gat and did just righteously blow Judas awayeth”? 

If a loving, forgiving Christian with a gun would have stood up and blown him away with the all loving god guiding the bullet through his Kevlar, that would have been divine intervention? Really?

Religious people never fail to amaze me with their capacity for unsurpassed, shameless hypocrisy.  Especially in this country, I have never encountered such a truly callous group of cowards. In my opinion, evangelical Christians are just about the worst human kind has to offer.

The Founding Fathers did not say that we ought to protect our freedoms as laid out in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence with guns and violence. If they wanted people to walk around armed to the teeth, they didn’t need to write the Constitution of the people, by the people, for the people; they could have just declared martial law.

Secondly, one does not guarantee and secure the kinds of freedoms the Founders talked about with guns and violence. That was the whole point of the revolution and of walking away from the yokes of tyranny and oppression in Europe. America is an idea, a dream, a vision and it never included gun wielding jingoists with nervous trigger fingers running the country.

Moreover, Jesus never advocated violence: he was a peaceful man who believed in forgiveness and turning the other cheek. He did not believe or even preach in walking around with deadly weapons to take down opponents and threats. I am stunned this man claims to be a Christian since there is nothing Christ like in anything he utters.

Finally, does he or anyone really think that if everyone in that dark room had a gun, the outcome would have been better? It would have been a shoot-out of epic proportions with lots of innocents in the cross-fire, and the perpetrator probably would have been missed.

It is also ironic that he would say that more god in everyone’s life would have prevented such a tragedy, generally leading to a peaceful society, when in fact more people have died in the name of religion, with Judeo-Christianity taking a lead, than in the name of any other ideology. From the Crusades, to chasing of “heretics”, witch hunting and burning, religious wars for the past two thousand years, antisemitism, the killing of Native peoples, to various events in the twentieth and twenty first century, including the massacre in Rwanda, the occupation of Palestine, 9/11 and suicide bombers.  This is in addition to policies enacted (covert violence as opposed to overt violence) that are informed primarily by religious doctrine, such as halting stem cell research that could save millions of lives, to defunding of Planned Parenthood whose primary work consists of disease prevention and health screenings and not, as the religious Right has been telling, abortion. For Gohmert to say that more god and religion would be better for everyone is beyond ignorant and intellectually comatose.

America: A Culture Obsessed with Violence 

The truth is that America has an infatuation, an obsession, a fascination with violence, the culture of violence, the instruments of violence and war; all to to a degree that vastly exceeds that of any other developed country; actually any country. We love executing, we love going to wars, the DOD is overfunded, our gut reaction to any international incidence is bomb them to the ground, ask questions later.  That is why on one talks about guns being bad. This is something not even Obama dared to tackle. And why? Because it is off limits, a taboo. God forbid, pun not intended, anyone limits the ability of Americans to own an arsenal of weapons and ammu to defend “freedom.”

Ironically, those Americans who are the most vocal “Christians” are the ones who have the greatest infatuation and obsession with the aforementioned. And Louis Gohmert believes that embracing this American Christian culture of violence worship will prevent massacres like this?

I say, fuck you Representative Gohmert.  I’m not a Christian or religious so your comments mean absolutely nothing to me you political hack. Stop trying to profit from this tragedy by once again infesting the public with your backwards religious, “Judeo-Christian” beliefs – which you shouldn’t be doing anyway  because your bony, bigot ass is paid for by tax payer dollars.

And for those of you who are unfortunate enough to be religious or Christian, I say:  if you believe in a god, know that he’s telling you to stay the hell away from people like Gohmert. He supports guns, guns, and more guns. There is nothing intelligent, divine or Christ-like in what this guy says. He is part of the problem.  There always has been and will always be the mentally ill who will murderously go off the deep end with little or no warning. The question is why does this society make it easier for them to accumulate an assault weapon arsenal than to own a car and get a drivers license. If that’s the way we want it, then this is what will, from time to time, happen.

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