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Another 1%er Event

It is becoming increasingly more evident that regular folks in this country, you know, your average taxpaying, working middle-class stiff, the ones that are keeping this economy and country, really, going – from their occupations as teachers, in the service industry to non-profit work etc., do not matter very much.

I said it before and I say it again, but for the one percent that run this country, middle class folks seemingly are nothing more than readily sources of warm bodies when you need to engage in another war for profit under the guise of security.

They are a a source of tax revenue to support and underwrite the 1%.

If, as a one percenter, they have done a good job choosing the two lousy candidates for them and then giving them the illusion that they have a “choice” on the day they go out and cast a vote (see Citizens United)  then they are a “vote” to help “elect” your candidate and if you have done a really good job, as Republicans have with their voter base, you not only give them the delusion that they have a choice between candidates but you actually get them to vote for the very candidate, and thus against their own self-interest, you put on the ballot.

Everytime there is a cut in government spending, the middle class and the poor, of course, have to make sacrifices and see the programs and policies that benefit and protect them slashed and reduced,  not the wealthy and thus the architects of our economic system that keeps the wealthy tax exempt under the guise that they are “job creators” while repeatedly requiring that cuts to government spending (because of lost revenue due to those tax exemptions) come from those very middle class protecting programs.

While the white collar criminals of Wall Street and the banking system got bailed out instead of imprisoned for the crimes they committed, poor people, and thus Wall Street’s direct and indirect victims, are sent to jail for essentially being poor.

And when our so-called leaders and politicians open the doors to let America “in” for a night of celebration, laughter good times and appreciation, the only ones invited to the table, literally, are members of the 1%.

It is, after all, no coincidence that the yearly White House Correspondent’s Dinner (WHCD)  resembles a Hollywood red carpet event and that everyone in that event, except those serving food and beverages, are members of the one percent. 

It is sad to know that the average American is not on the President’s radar even when he  decides to decide to hang out with the public. 

Instead of inviting over some of those hard working average American citizens, the ones that did the grunt work and got him elected, to shake hands with and thank them for their truly thankless jobs and positions and pressure in society, he instead surrounds himself with top members of the elite cracking jokes.

It is ironic that on the one hand we’ve got the Occupy Wall Street movement, with demands for equity and relief for the middle class, the 99%, – an event and movement the President and his wife endorse, while on the other hand any event of any significance in this country, including this Dinner, is hosted and populated by the wealthy and privileged, the 1% only.

The 99% only seem to matter in as much as they make for great talking point or otherwise help score political points and not because anyone really actually cares about changing the current paradigm, the current dysfunction with respect to structural exploitation and institutionalized greed in this country that have allowed the 1% to accumulate more wealth than the rest of us combined.

There are thousands of people who dedicate every day of their lives to not only public service but to their townships, counties, states and communities in general – one way or another. They are the backbone of America, they are the people the President allegedly works for and leads. They are the ones who, through their hard work, such as teachers, champion the very causes this Dinner is to honor and uphold – yet the only ones who once again get to benefit from all this, even if just in a celebratory manner, are rich people; the 1% – literally – as everyone at that dinner is a millionaire – without exception, because otherwise who could afford something like $50,000 a plate just to get in?

Not that I don’t love the outrage about economic injustice for us poor, hard working middle class folks when it’s politically expedient and all but it’d be nice if the actual American people – you know, the 99%  – such as the journalists meant to be holding the US government to account, the non-profit workers, the public servants, the researchers, activists and just the people on the ground who work everyday on these issues for Americans without anyone paying much attention to them –  were, once in a while,  invited to the table and celebrated by our leaders, instead of actors, reality TV stars and models – who neither represent the American people, nor have contributed in any meaningful way to the political and social world they are in,

Speak of being out of touch. Romney is not the only one.

Money begets money and at the end of the day, when all the political talking points and phony strategizing to supposedly empower the 99% have been made, rich people still only take care of and intermingle with their own.

All this talk about empowering the 99% and leveling the playing field are just that: rhetoric. No one really means it and The White House Correspondent’s Dinner is the best example to the point.

The United States would be a very different place if everyone cared about inequity when there wasn’t a presidential election in which appearing to care about inequity could score political points.


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The White House One Percenter Dinner


Veteran TV newsman Tom Brokaw, who seems to be the only one currently able to tell his ass from from a hole in the ground and see what the celebrity excess at the White House One Percenter Dinner White House Correspondent’s Dinner  is all about told Politico that he quit going to the WHCD because he did not care to be part of the tasteless page six tabloid event that it had morphed into. “There was more dignity at my daughter’s junior prom than there is what I’m seeing on CSPAN here. […] For me, the breaking point was Lindsay Lohan. She became the big star at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Give me a break.[…] What we’re doing with that dinner is saying “we’re Versailles. Let the rest of you eat cake.” 

Indeed. This country is going through a crisis in confidence in public service and public policy while millions are working hard and struggling in this stagnant and downward economy that other 1% ers created and our leaders and the President and the rest of the 1% are having a swell time celebrating life and each other and their fortunes.

While they are all slurping champagne and nibbling on fancy hors’ d’oeuvres parading the red carpet in 1%er attire, with billionaires like Donald Trump and train wreck bimbos like Lindsay Blohan  as their guests of honor, the people that voted these clowns into office are losing their homes, declaring bankruptcy or going to bed hungry because they haven’t had a job in three years. Others who do have a job are living with the dire consequences of  furloughs and other cuts because of the draconian sequester spending cuts proposed and drafted by our very own One Percenter in Chief Barack Obama  – all while the rest of the nation is quietly suffocating in the recession that has not affected one single person at that party.

The sad thing is that everyone is clapping for them and cheering the event on without a trace of irony about the fact that the only thing missing is, indeed, a speech by Obama and the First Lady elegantly suggesting that the rest of the nation may eat cake now before moving on to the next laugh with [fill in the celebrity name].


It’s breads and circuses all over again where instead of gaining public approval through exemplary and excellent public service or public policy, approval is gained  through diversion; distraction; the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered “palliative.” It is nothing but a simplistic motivation of common people.

You know something is deeply off when even Sarah Palin gets it.

So when Obama “jokes” that he is not “the strapping young Muslim socialist [he] used to be,” all I have to say is that yes, because you are part of the 1% now.

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