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The Kardashians Will Do Anything For Money, Including Snatch Sniffing


If this shit wasn’t actually real, I would have to make it up because it is just too darn good to be unreal.

During last night’s episode of Kim and Khloe Fuck Take Miami, the classy Kuntrashian sisters, apparently having run out of things to discuss, resorted to a time-honored family tradition that never fails:  letting their vaginas take the lead on the famewhoring front.

Khloe told Kim and Kourtney that she read that drinking pineapple juice makes your pussy taste sweet, so naturally, they put the important question to the test, which makes sense. I mean if your entire source of wealth and fame is your carniceria, you gotta make sure it smells and tastes like nectar. Anyway after Kim and Kourtney took turns wiping their port of entries on cloth napkins for Khloe to sniff, which she did gladly because “We’re sisters, if I can’t smell their pusses, what else are we supposed to do?“(I don’t know. Throw yourselves in front of a bus, have The Governor throw you in a pit with Walkers, use each other as target practice for your newest diamond encrusted Tiffany’s gun etc), Kim’s puntang was declared the winner.

Naturally. After all, if it wasn’t for that pussy, none of these skanks and their pimp mother and family of famewhores would be here (and the world a better place).

If this revelation didn’t make your protruding parts shrivel up and fall off and you are still with me, let me ask this: since when it is acceptable to smell your sister’s pussy??  It’s like asking, “well if you can’t fuck your own siblings, who can you fuck?”  These sisters are a real class act.

On a different note, maybe all this nasty snatch sniffing will lead to a Febreeze sponsorship! That’s why they are doing this right? Proctor & Gamble are you paying attention?

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Today in Kuntrashian World: Guns are Cool

The gun Kim K tweeted

The gun Kim K tweeted

Kim Kuntrashian, fame whore and useless, “reality” TV parasite extraordinaire, uploaded the image of a diamond encrusted .22-caliber revolver to her Instagram page on Saturday – weeks after 26 people lost their lives in the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut and less than a month after she asked on her Twitter page that people sign a pledge to help combat gun violence in the US following the massacre.

She swiftly removed the picture from her page after a flurry of angry comments from followers but alas it was too late, as the picture made the rounds on the internet regardless.

Normally I would not waste a post pointing out the obvious, namely what kind of a useless and shameless famewhore Kim Kuntrashian and her family of equally useless, gold digging, shameless fame whores are. But this is impressively terrible even by this bitch’s baseless standards. 

She just has too much influence to be this blind and ignorant towards what she puts out there, although there is no doubt in my mind that she really doesn’t care about the criticism as even bad publicity is still publicity  – which is exactly what she  and her family crave.

What Ms. Kuntrashian  – and sadly her fans and followers – do not realize when posting and admiring the picture of a diamond encrusted or designer gun is that no matter how pretty the gun is, it still shoots a hot bullet through flesh causing severe damage.  It is not like only ugly looking guns kill and pierce through flesh while pretty designer ones don’t.

It is also deeply hypocritical – not to mention just cruel – to be, on the one hand, signing an anti gun pledge while on the other hand being seen flaunting a diamond encrusted, fancy gun prefaced with the words “bang bang” just a few weeks after a horrific shooting where children had their faces blown off with guns. Bang, Bang.

kim k tweetWhen Kim’s followers see someone popular do it and flaunt it and embrace it and bang bang make it a casual thing, they wanna do it. too – just like they want to do everything else she does. Only that this isn’t hair and make up tips, but a fucking gun.

Kardashian knows perfectly well who and how old her fans and followers are and that they will take this message from her to mean that guns are cool, that shooting is cool – all of which just fucking makes this an incredibly irresponsible act at best.

And that is the problem ultimately, isn’t it: peoples’ irresponsible attitudes towards guns. Not usage, but attitude – in addition to the pathological fascination with guns and thinking that they are cool.

Posting this image ultimately underscores the problem with the gun culture in this country where people are fascinated with tools of murder so much so that they carelessly and casually fancy such tools without thinking about the implications such behavior, such fancying, has on gun violence.

These mass shootings and other gun deaths do not happen in a vacuum  There are a host of actions, behaviors and imagery  – perceived or actual – ultimately contributing to a reluctance on the side of the public to push for a ban on guns. I mean why should they? Kim K is posting one on her Twitter so it must be sexy – slaughter of children or not.

Bang, bang.

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