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The Kardashians Will Do Anything For Money, Including Snatch Sniffing


If this shit wasn’t actually real, I would have to make it up because it is just too darn good to be unreal.

During last night’s episode of Kim and Khloe Fuck Take Miami, the classy Kuntrashian sisters, apparently having run out of things to discuss, resorted to a time-honored family tradition that never fails:  letting their vaginas take the lead on the famewhoring front.

Khloe told Kim and Kourtney that she read that drinking pineapple juice makes your pussy taste sweet, so naturally, they put the important question to the test, which makes sense. I mean if your entire source of wealth and fame is your carniceria, you gotta make sure it smells and tastes like nectar. Anyway after Kim and Kourtney took turns wiping their port of entries on cloth napkins for Khloe to sniff, which she did gladly because “We’re sisters, if I can’t smell their pusses, what else are we supposed to do?“(I don’t know. Throw yourselves in front of a bus, have The Governor throw you in a pit with Walkers, use each other as target practice for your newest diamond encrusted Tiffany’s gun etc), Kim’s puntang was declared the winner.

Naturally. After all, if it wasn’t for that pussy, none of these skanks and their pimp mother and family of famewhores would be here (and the world a better place).

If this revelation didn’t make your protruding parts shrivel up and fall off and you are still with me, let me ask this: since when it is acceptable to smell your sister’s pussy??  It’s like asking, “well if you can’t fuck your own siblings, who can you fuck?”  These sisters are a real class act.

On a different note, maybe all this nasty snatch sniffing will lead to a Febreeze sponsorship! That’s why they are doing this right? Proctor & Gamble are you paying attention?

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