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Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor Looks Like A Crack Head in Drag

Lindsay Blohan was recently cast to play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s made-for-TV biopic Liz & Dick, chronicling the rocky and stormy relationship between Taylor and Richard Burton.

People were outraged, or not happy to say the least – especially Taylor’s family – that of all the sluts in Hollywood they’d pick a coke-head with a drinking and substance abuse problem.  But coke-heads with substance abuse problems make the world a lot of money, so the camera’s started rolling.

Today TMZ went ahead and published a “leaked” photograph (read submitted to TMZ by Blohan’s publicist) of Lindsay in full drag posing as Liz Taylor.

When I say in full drag, I am not kidding. Look at this picture.

Blohan and the producers that cast her must be taking all sorts of drugs if they think that she either looks like Taylor or can pull this off.

In this picture, Lohan looks she’d make a wonderful alcoholic, forty-something year old suburban nothing circa 1952 with that droopy, bloated alcoholic face and body and those fleshy, huge butcher hands. This picture if her is so awful in so many ways, I can’t even place my finger on it.

Lindsay Lohan used to be very beautiful but looking at this picture it is hard to believe that this woman is in her 20s. Whatever talent she may have had has been diluted by copious amounts of alcohol and drugs and she looks like a mess. If anything, she looks a lot like Joan Crawford during her melt-down days instead of like Liz Taylor who had a beauty, charm and class about her no amount of make up and photshop can achieve.

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