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Car Elevators and Costco: Ann Romney Antoinette Is a Real Renaissance Woman

Ann Romney must have gotten briefed by her husband’s campaign managing team that Costco can be used for something else beside raiding and a hostile take over or some some shit, because in an attempt to appeal to the common man – or woman –  so everyone thinks she is one of us and not a plutocratic elitist bigot with $55,000 elevators for her cars and a $ 77,000 race horse she tax deducted, Ann Romney Antoinette condescended to our level  by revealing her Costco shopping list when visiting the “Rachael Ray Show” on Thursday.  There, she said she can spend a mere $137.50 when cooking for 30 people, totaling just $4.50 per person. Right, because multi-millionaires who own six mansions and car elevators need to worry about staying within the food budget.

I always start at Costco”, Antoinette said as she took Ray’s film crew on a Costco trip, picking up spinach, berries, frozen cream puffs and rotisserie chicken.  Romney gave some shopping tips, like buying the pre-cooked chicken last so as to not heat up the other food in the cart, the New York Daily News reported.

Isn’t that brilliant? The thought process that must have gone into this: buy the hot food item last so as to not melt the frozen foods. Amazing. Next stop, rocket science, Ann. She really is first wife material just based on that fact alone if you ask me.

Ann Romney is a real renaissance woman see.  She is not just an unemployed parasite sitting pretty with a team of chefs, housekeepers, nannies, groundskeepers and custodial staff on a quarter a billion of dollars of money her husband cheated people, and this nation, out of, she is just a regular Joe, or Josephine. I mean this woman even  knows how to maneuver the Costco aisles all on her own and without a staff.  In an interview, she explained: “I know how to shop Costco. You go in the door — I don’t want everyone to learn this trick — you take a sharp right and you go way down to the back of the store and just shop the outside of the aisles.” Isn’t that amazing? Her publicist team did do a good job briefing her on proper common man etiquette and protocol of how to enter a grocery store and navigate the aisles.

How truly earthen and common man-ish of Ann:  condescending to the level of the common man to show that the silver spoon that’s been shoved down her openings in all these years does not define her plutocratic self at all.

Nothing makes 99% of Americans feels more understood and cared for than a bunch of obscenely wealthy 1%ers slumming it for show. Who are they kidding. Not even Oprah cooks her own food. Assholes

This is almost as good as the lie she told during the RNC when she said that she and Mitt lived in a basement apartment in Boston eating their food on an ironing board they used as table. Poor things, it must have been so awkward when the maid interrupted their dinner to iron.

Anyway, sitting on quarter a billion with countless nannies, chefs and housekeepers, I bet this hands on menial work must be a whole new adventure for Ms. A.R. Antoinette, becasue, see folks, the fact that “little Annie who loves little Willard” is doing some food shopping and food cooking and all those other womanly things,  makes us common folk, and especially women, feel all warm and fuzzy and understood.

Moreover, such a calculated gesture which they were told was going to be politically expedient, also totally shows that her husband is qualified to be the leader of this nation. Becasue see if Ann Romney can cook food for the common man and actually cook it herself no less, instead of sending her houskeeping staff to Whole Foods and Gelson’s to do the shopping and cooking for her, it means that her husband would make the perfect POTUS.

In fact, nothing screams “qualified to hold the office of president” more than a man whose wife can navigate the aisles at Costco and the kitchen.

And as we all know, semi billionaires totally send their wives to push carts at grocery stores, buying pre-packed $ 7.99 rotisserie chicken and frozen, processed foods at whole sale prices for the dinner table, or 137 people as the need may be next time they have a get together with the Koch Brothers and all those people owning football teams.

That $4.50 a person/head budget is totally realistic and am sure comes handy for such high society events.  In fact, the Romneys are just a regular American family who just happen to be part of the 1% with a diabolic plan to remain on top while feeding on the lifeline of everyone else.

Now if this revelation doesn’t convince the independent voters and especially women, I don’t know what will. I mean this is so convincing and as a woman the very issue I care about: how to stretch my food dollars while my man goes out there being a man and doing all the things men do.

Thank you Ann. You are the personification of class and humility indeed. How mighty white of you. And while I think you are nothing but a full of shit, overprivileged plutocrat and doormat of a woman who doesn’t know a thing about how to do anything around a house but buy it and decorate it and whose only exposure to Costco probably was when your husband took you on a tour in case he plans on doing one of those Bain hostile takeovers (also known as working hard and the American Dream),  I applaud you for having the balls to go to Rachael Ray and all over the country, telling lies and being a phony asshole who pretends that she does not have a deep contempt for the american people whom you condescendingly referred to as “you people” when asked about your husband’s refusal to release more than two lousy years of doctored tax returns.

It is so refreshing of you to not pretend that you seem to think of the American people as this nuisance; as this inevitable, annoying, pestering entity you and your fiber coif husband have to unfortunately go through to get to what you really want to do, namely fulfill Mitt’s “destiny” to be President.  Like when you and your husband told the Obamas to “start packing,” because in your words, “It’s Mitt’s time. It’s our turn now,” to live in the White House. As if the Obamas were troublesome tenants who’d overstayed their welcome in the home that rightly belongs to the Romneys.

Thank you Ann. Gee I cannot wait to not vote for your husband.

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Brad Pitt Mother’s Anti Same-Sex Marriage, Anti Obama, Anti Abortion Letter to the Editor

Last month, the News-Leader in Springfield, Missouri, published a reader’s letter asking voters to reject Mitt Romney because of his Mormon faith.

In response, a woman named Jane Pitt, the mother of Springfield-born actor and gay marriage activist Brad Pitt, wrote a response lambasting the letter, “Barack Hussein Obama” and marriage equality.

She said:

I have given much thought to Richard Stoecker’s letter (“Vote for Mormon against beliefs,” June 15). I am also a Christian and differ with the Mormon religion.

But I think any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon.

Any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney’s opponent, Barack Hussein Obama — a man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, did not hold a public ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer, and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.

I hope all Christians give their vote prayerful consideration because voting is a sacred privilege and a serious responsibility.

Ah yes, religious people.

This is yet another piece of evidence, in a long list of pieces of evidence,  of why religion is just bad for human kind. Bad, bad, bad – in every imaginable way possible. It is like a cult, no it is a cult, that has taken over like the fucking invasion of the bodysnatchers or something. Everyone is either doing it, for it, advocating it or apologizing for it (i.e. “but no not all religious people are like that“). Umm., yes they are. Some just aren’t vocal about it but they all believe the same kind of crap essentially.

Jane Pitt is entitled to her opinion and she is also entitled to send letters to editors if she wants or, for that matter, use any other means possible to make her opinions known. This is a free country after all where even uneducated, ignorant women like her have the right to say what is on their mind.

But this isn’t about freedom of speech. This is about a bigot once again engaging in hate speech and advocating for the discrimination of a group of people (i.e. gays) she doesn’t know and who have not done her any harm, under the guise of free speech.  This is bigtory and narrow mindedness at its height and the fact that she is the mother of a famous person is problematic because there is real impact associated with her name. In other words, people will listen to her bigoted shit and she is not someone anyone should listen to.

Being entitled to your own opinion does not mean you are also entitled to your own facts.

What exactly about her letter is ignorant, uneducated and hateful you ask? I find this particular passage quite revealing:

[Romney is] a man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality

The truth is that Romney is not a man with high moral convictions. His company and business practices (corporate raiding) have rendered tens of thousands of people, if not more, jobless and destitute. Yeah sure, he didn’t pull the trigger on them, like the Unabomber – whom Harvard did not even want to mention in its alumni directory – but his actions have caused hardship, sickness and even death to thousands of people. Thus they carry weight and consequences far from that of a man with “high moral convictions. ” And I promise you they won’t take Rommey’s name off the Harvard alumni directory.

The only business experience Romney has is acquiring companies, loading them up with debt, pushing them into bankruptcy, then laying people off and canceling their health benefits. As governor of Massachusetts he did the same thing: his party ruined the economy, he cut education, raised fees on the middle class to benefit the wealthy and his state ranked 47 in job creation.

The stud, his blood-drawing, vial-of-blood-around-the-neck piece and his homophobic bigot of a mother.

Mitt Romney is also not against abortion, nor could he cares less about the unborn or even born – as clearly expemlpified by his track record.  Mitt Romney is a narrow-minded, religious bigot and misogynist who, in essence, has no respect for women and love for womanhood in essence. Sure, he loves his wife, as long as she doesn’t overstep her boundaries and knows her place I guess. But his support of cuts for Planned Parenthood -whose majority of work consists of disease prevention and health promotion and very little abortion – and his support of the recent anti-woman legislation including the transvaginal ultrasound probing of women who seek an abortion, speak volumes about him and his views on women.

So, this isn’t about abortion and he is using abortion – like all misogynists do – as a stepping stone for his political agenda. If he cared about the unborn, he would not enact policies or advocate for enacting policies that leave their parents destitute. Just being against abortion but fucking people over after they are born is not a sign of high moral character.

Finally, his “Christian” convictions on homosexuality are that gays should be treated as second class citizens and human beings and if he could he would round them all up – like that baptist pastor advocated a few weeks ago – and cage them behind electrified fences until “they die out.”

The fact that despite all the evidence supporting the contrary, Brad Pitt’s fucking mother – who is a stupid, uneducated woman apparently not knowing much of anything – thinks that Romney is just a great guy and faithful Christian with a high moral character is what is truly upsetting here. In other words, the ignorance is that woman’s letter is mind boggingly staggering. And the fact that she sends a letter to the editor scolding people who don’t want to vote for Romney based on the above mentioned criteria as bad people and bad Christians, trying to shame them, is what is even more infuriating. There certainly is nothing Christ-like about this woman.

When she puts something like that out there, people have every right – and in her case every duty – to speak up.

Furthermore, with celebrity and fame comes power and with power comes responsibility. Jane Pitt knows her credibility goes up when she uses her name that is associated to her A-lister son.  There is no way she was not aware of this when she send in the letter. In the day and age of celebrity gossip and TMZ it is beyond naive to think that as a a celebrity or the relative of a celebrity, the things you do and say will go unnoticed.

Now the minions and faithful followers of her son in this country  have a real dilema: do they listen to the mother of the hottest man alive and superb actor who’s about to marry the greatest humanitarian with a gold plated  vagina and uterus of all times, or do they think for themselves?

Three things  To Get Out of This

1) Religion is bad for people, no matter what. I present to you exhibit number 345,667,567: Jane Pitt

2) Brad Pitt should be seriously ashamed of his mother. I mean really…ashamed to the ground.

3) Now I really hope Shiloh is going to turn out to be either a full-blown bull dyke or transgender candidate to make her Christian grandmother with Chrisitan values and a high moral character very, very proud.

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Harvard Apologizes for Including Unabomber in Alumni Directory

Ted Kaczynski – Criminal

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski graduated from Harvard in 1962 with a degree in Mathematics. Harvard had invited all alums, including Kaczynski, to update their directory and so he listed his occupation as “prisoner” in the alumni directory and said his awards are “Eight life sentences, issued by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, 1998.”

Harvard went ahead and published the information but the alumni association quickly regretted that decision and later apologized for it.

A stupid move when considering that Mitt Romney is an alum whose information, I promise you, won’t be deleted off the alumni directory.

Now before anyone jumps my throat because of the comparison let me elaborate: there are two kinds of violence in the world: overt violence and covert violence.

The Unabomber engaged in overt violence, directly costing the lives of three people and injusring 23 others.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand,  has for decades engaged in covert violence – through hostile take overs that have left countless people jobless with all the perils and consequences following such layoffs, including the loss of health insurance and thus ones health. I believe the latter can lead to death. Much like it did with Kaczynski’s victims.

Yet we send the former to jail and call him a psycho, we honor and decorate the latter as the American Dream in the flesh and have him run for the highest office in the country.

The Unabomber killed three people but how many people have suffered, and died, at the hands of Romney’s policies first as the governor of Massachusetts and of course for decades as CEO of Bain Capital?

An ad by Priorities USA Action last week featured former employee Loris Huffman, who was laid off after Bain Capital drove her place of employment – office supplies plant Ampad –  into bankruptcy. Huffman – who had worked at the company for 34 years before Romney’s actions left her with no health care insurance – stated that she thought that she was going to retire from there since she only had about two and a half years to go. “I was suddenly 60 years old. I had no health care and that’s scary. When Mitt Romney did that, he — he made — he made me sick“, Huffman stated in the ad.

Mitt Romney – Man of the People

And this is just one person speaking out. Imagine how many thousands of people had similar fates due to the actions of Mitt Romney as the head of Bain Capital. That does not even include his actions as governor of Mass; actions that were so irresponsible that they resulted in the state he was running to rank 47 in job creation.

How many people and families have suffered and lost their livelihood and health care, and with it health and maybe even life, as a direct consequence of Mitt Romney’s policies?

Yet he is a revered man and the Unabomber a psycho whose existence Harvard refuses to even acknowledge.

Two things to learn from this story:

1) Our priorities as a nation and as a peoples are skewed. We are easily impressed and swayed by outward appearances and labels and rarely look underneath to truly comprehend the nature and essence of what we see and what is presented to us. Overt violence is condemned  – and rightly so – but covert violence is wrapped in euphemisms, masking its true consequences, thus often going unnoticed.

2) Ted Kaczynski has a sense of humor.

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Why Mitt Romney Has Crossed Into Groundbreaking Levels of Dishonesty

Mitt Romney is not the most honest guy. In fact, he has been accused, and rightly so, of having crossed into groundbreaking levels of dishonesty during this election year.

Aside from his blatant dishonesty in political matters, there is also something very insincere about him as a person. Whenever he is talking to a crowd, it feels awkward and forced, like he was citing rehearsed lines and catch phrases that he personally doesn’t understand or believe but which his campaign manager told him to say anyway because they are relevant and would score political points.  It is like he is forcing himself hard to say those things but because he doesn’t ultimately understand them, much less mean them, it feels insincere.

The man cannot even keep a coherent thought within the same sentence, much less the same campaign or specific policy. During a speech last month he stated that “we may make mistakes as a nation from time to time, and step on other’s toes and we’ll say we’re sorry for that, but apologizing for America is something I will never, ever do.”

Naturally, his audience of gullible sheep and uneducated religious morons wrapped in the US flag, holding a gun and cross, applauded at what he said.

But is that really something we should applaud and strive for in our leader and our nation for that matter? Is not apologizing for and acknowledging your mistakes a virtue? A desirable quality in a leader? Or anyone for that matter?

Do we want someone in the White House who is just too damn arrogant and self-absorbed to ever acknowledge any mistakes made and apologize for them?  Or do we want someone with integrity who does apologize and acknowledge mistakes made when the situation warrants it. Jingoists applaud him thinking it is really great to be a nation that bullies others around, disregards international law and institutions, causes war and havoc all over the world without never, ever apologizing for it.

Not only that but Romney lacks any situational awareness or any clue as to how the outlandish things he says have little basis in reality.  During a tele-town hall meeting with Wisconsin voters last month, Romney told what he thought was a “humorous” story about how his father once shut down a factory in Michigan and moved production to Wisconsin. This little, supposedly humorous anecdote, was no doubt meant to appeal to the voters of Wisconsin, who were the beneficiaries of the factory shutdown, but in his zeal to appear like he actually does have a clue what it means to have to do a hard day’s work in your life and be a man of the people, he missed the entire second half of his “joke”, namely that his daddy’s heroic attempt at opening a factory in Wisconsin cost 5000+ people in Michigan, where his father was Governor no less, their jobs. That is not funny. But Romney thinks it is because he doesn’t truly understand the consequences of his father’s actions.

He thinks like a businessman and not like a leader or humanitarian.  Hence missing the point entirely and thinking his daddy’s deed was hilarious.

And speaking of groundbreaking dishonesty: Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare, forcing seniors to go buy health insurance in the open market – since, you know, insurance companies are dying to insure seniors. Thirty three such seniors being thrown to the den of the insurance industry would help pay for the $200,000 tax break Ryan wants to give to the average millionaire.  But Mitt Romney, who supports the “bipartisan group of leaders” on Medicare (i.e. Ryan’s plan) accuses Obama of wanting to get rid of Medicare.

Romney’s presidential campaign is overflowing with such unembarrassed lies and acts of hypocrisy. In fact, he reached an even newer low on dishonesty when he, despite his 2008 call to “let Detroit go bankrupt,” said jus ta few weeks ago during an interview with WEWS-TV in Cleveland that he would “take a lot of credit” for his impact on the U.S. automobile industry’s comeback since his views helped save the industry..

I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy,” Romney said. “And finally, when that was done, and help was given, the companies got back on their feet. So I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry’s come back.”

The reality looks different, however. Romney’s stance on and opposition to the bailouts and his infamous 2008 New York Times op-ed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” in support of those assertions, have come up throughout the campaign, especially ahead of February’s primary in Michigan. In that editorial, Romney argued that a government bailout for ailing auto giants Chrysler and General Motors would do more harm than good.

If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye,” Romney wrote. “In a managed bankruptcy, the federal government would propel newly competitive and viable automakers, rather than seal their fate with a bailout check.”

It is, of course, quite hypocritical of him to be against government bail outs when he received a $10 million bailout from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 1991. The taxpayers provided the backstop for the FDIC, and even though Bain & Co. went on to make millions more in profits, the fund was never replenished. A small detail that Romney and his supporters conveniently ignore when repeatedly speaking out against the auto industry bail out or any kind of government “interference”.

In this case, Mitt Romney, much like any opportunist,  saw the polls about the unpopularity of bailouts and lumped the auto industry in with the bank industry  – the auto industry, where his father and so many of his family members had worked – and called for them to go down. He never looked into the eyes of autoworkers getting laid off as factory after factory closed. The auto industry was heading over the cliff, begging for help, and Romney were coolly standing behind, giving his home state a shove over the ledge. And now he has the audacity to claim credit for the auto industry’s rebound.


Mitt Romney Demeans the intelligence of the American People with His Lies

it is important to point out that there is a real reason for why Romney always makes such comments with this dead-pan expression and without a twitch. There is a reason he and his wife – with their five houses, two Cadillacs with elevators and close friends who own football and baseball teams – think that sitting on $250 million of wealth, raising two shiny, life-like sons puts Ann Romney en par with 95% of mothers in this country who don’t enjoy any of those obscene luxuries and it is the reason why Romney says he is unemployed, comparing his quarter of a billion dollar wealth to the $ 7.50 an hour a laid off worker used to make. There is a reason Romney exhibits all the clichés we unfairly assign to used car salesmen, and the reason for that, aside from cold hard ignorance brought on by too much of someone else’s money and greed, is that Romney is genuinely and ridiculously out of touch with not only the citizens of this country but human beings residing on planet Earth in general.

In fact, he is so out of touch with them that any attempts at socializing with them or addressing them in a speech end up in such embarrassing, foot-in-mouth, bozo moments. He is trying hard to appear sincere but because there really is no subsistence and sincerity behind his vacant smile and lofty speeches, it just backfires and he just ends up looking like an asshole.

Mitt Romney is dishonest and his dishonesty just shines through, no matter what he does or how many catch-phrases and talking points he throws at you.  He is insincere and fake and a liar and most people (well most intelligent people, which a lot of Americans aren’t unfortunately) realize that.

Romney is one of those people who – in a very Twilight Zone fashion – deserves to be stripped off his wealth, fame and fortune and be rendered a pauper or maybe just an employee at one of the companies Bain Capital bankrupted to see for himself just what life feels like for people who actually have to earn a living instead of just having everything handed to them through theft and exploitation of others.

And make no mistake about it: a thief is exactly what Mitt Romney is. Someone who doesn’t pay his taxes or tries to avoid having to pay them but enjoys the benefits that a government that is paid for by taxes provides to him, is a thief.  People accuse him of flip flopping, but that is really not true because Romney has been pretty consistent throughout his political career with one thing and one thing only, namely amassing power and wealth for the few at the expense of the middle class.

He also did not get rich by creating products people wanted, he got rich by taking over companies, loading them up with debt, pushing them into bankruptcy, then laying people off and canceling their health benefits. As governor of Massachusetts he did the same thing: his party ruined the economy, he cut education, raised fees on the middle class to benefit the wealthy and his state  ranked 47 in job creation. So there is a consistent narrative there.

A lot of people argue that this is just nothing but begrudging someone of their wealth; jealousy. But such responses usually come from people who have a very narrow understanding of the mechanisms that have allowed people like Romney to become rich in the first place. Because let’s face it, no one becomes that obscenely rich without having stepped on people. It is the law of nature. Zero sum.

In order for one person to own more than other people combined, he has to take it away from them. Back in the day that was done directly, now it is in the form of low wages, high taxes (for middle class wage earners and poor people) and other structural means of exploitation.

Therefore telling people who criticize Mitt Romney and the 1% that they are begrudging them their wealth and “success” is like telling a burglary victim that their demands for justice to get their things back constitute begrudging thieves of their well earned riches.  It is absurd.

Mitt Romney is a corporate raider who made money bankrupting companies and with it the people that worked for them. So is criticism warranted? Is questioning his wealth, his motives and priorities as well as wanting to see ten years of tax returns,  an important question to ask when considering him for the office of the presidency?

You bet that it is.

If there is any kinds of questions one ought to ask potential future leaders then they are exactly of this nature. Someone who has no clue how 99% of the people in the world, much less the United States, live; someone who – in his heart of hearts – cannot relate to wage earners and people who don’t own sports teams no matter how hard he tries, is not fit to be the President. He is not fit to be a leader.

Mitt Romney wants to run this country like a business. In fact, his only claim for the presidency is that he is a great businessman and that he can apply those business principles that enriched Bain to this country. But the point of government is that it is not a business. In fact, a government cannot and ought not to be run like a business because by definition, the role of the government is governance and not a profit making, which is the goal of business.

Ultimately, America is not a corporation. America is an idea, a vision and someone like Mitt Romney would destroy that vision.

The only way a government can function as an effective, unbiased entity and governing body is when it does not have a profit motive. Imagine if the EPA was run by Koch industries or the FDA by Monstanto. Think cancer is an epidemic now? Wait for he pandemic levels it will reach when Koch and Monstanto are in charge.

Mitt Romney, while a rich man, is free of the ravages of intelligence and I must say that I do find it degrading for Obama to even have to stoop so low and debate someone so intellectually and emotionally challenged and inferior as Mitt Romney. Someone with such a fundamental weakness of character.

Romney does not have the class, etiquette or even level of Obama. He has little integrity, in fact he is a proven liar, he lacks empathy and his flip flopping, while subject to a lot of good jokes, really is just dangerous.

An opportunist is worse than someone who actually takes a stand on something, be it on the Left or Right.

Romney has no integrity, neither does his wife and neither does the entire cause of Republicans in this election; causes that are aimed at destroying everything this country was founded on and which made it what it is today.

Don’t think for one second that being born with a silver spoon in your mouth and robbing people, as Romney did, gives you class, integrity or renders you a capable leader. We don’t need anyone in The White House who only caters to the needs of the few rich at the expense of everyone else and who views women as second class citizens. We need men of honor and integrity and while I personally have not been very happy with a lot of Obama’s policy decisions, such as extending tax breaks to the rich and how he handled BP and health care, he has proven to have more integrity and honor than any of these GOP candidates could ever dream of having, especially Mitt Romney.

I would hope that people care enough to remember these things when casting a vote this fall.

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