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Strange Occurrence Before Crucifixion Filming. It’s a Sign! It’s a Sign!

history channel

He is real. He was real. He must have been real!!! Because  the star who plays Jesus on the History Channel’s miniseries “The Bible” says that he just saw his whole life in a flashback in front of his eyes when he was hanging on that cross waiting to shoot the scene.

yahoo news strange occurence

Amazing.  This “strange occurrence” as the teaser headline on Yahoo! News says has me definitely convinced that in fact something divine may have had a part in this and that I was wrong and that Jesus was the son of god who died for my sins.

Strange occurrences like this always convince  me – and they should convince you too – that even the most fantastical and far fetched myths are truths that we all just missed.  I am sitting here in shame that I ever doubted him – whoever he is – especially now that I know that a “strange occurrence” during the reenactment of this scene totally makes the case for the veracity of the whole Jesus being the savior thing. Amen. Thank you for this sign. You had me on “strange occurrence.”

As the Portugese actor Diogo Morgado said “It’s so strong when you feel that you’re where you should be, you know, and you feel that this is what you were kind of … that you were born to, at one point, to touch people’s hearts. If the goal of an actor is to tell the best story ever, there’s no higher story than Jesus Christ. It’s the ultimate love story, and the way he can touch people, it’s just a privilege, it’s just beyond words, having this opportunity of doing this. It was really a personal journey and a spiritual journey. And it touched me, in a way that I’m still digesting. It didn’t end with the shooting. It’s still alive.”

jesus star wars

I like how Jesus makes self righteous people feel great about themselves  Something he was born to do? His destiny? Yeah right. As T.S. Eliot once said “most trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important. “

Morgado got the whole “greatest story ever told” part right because that is exactly what Jesus is, a nice story about the triumph of good over evil and self sacrifice, magic, love, pain, blood and tears. Shit, I mean if you were to add the lightsabers, Chubacca and the evil emperor to the mix, you could pitch the script to Hollywood and make crap loads of money of of it. Oh wait…

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Today in What Would Jesus Do


Given that none of the Christmas traditions observed have anything to do with Jesus or  Christianity; given that Jesus – if he existed – wasn’t even born in December and given that Christmas is a totally pagan holiday co-opted by religious people, seeing a billboard like that gives new meaning to the notion head in the sand and willful ignorance.

I am also certain that given all the shit that is going on in this world – wars, oppression, hunger, poverty and the myriad of horrible things us blessed human beings, god’s children, do to one another – the last thing Jesus would be bothered by is that we do not wish each other “Merry Christmas“. Then again, given the hypocrisy of most religious people, this is the exact kind of billboard you would expect to see from such pious followers, so in a way they are actually pretty consistent and this billboard spot on.

Religious people and hypocrites everywhere care a lot about decorum and politeness, lending a civilized veneer to the sinister reality and ruinous worldviews they advocate.

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Atheist FAQ: Why are Atheists So Angry?

angry atheistWhen I have time some time I will write an extended entry as to why passionate dissatisfaction with things does not equal hostility, which is what people mean they describe atheists as angry. They really mean hostile and meanness where in reality there is displeasure, irritation and fury.

The short answer is that stupidity – which is what all religion and religious thinking is – pisses me off. If that offends people, too bad.

That said, let me add that accusing an atheist of anger is nothing but an ad hominem attack trying to distract from the actual substance of the debate.  By just dismissing the atheist altogether as angry, the atheist is automatically invalidated and their position weakened. After all, who would want to deal with an angry asshole, as atheists have often  been made out to be.

Given the vile crap that emanates from religion and religious thinking, I cannot imagine anyone being anything but angry at the way things are going. Frankly, if you are not “angry”, i.e. if what is happening in the name of religion doesn’t bother you, I seriously question your judgment, intelligence and character – or lack thereof.

The truth is that anytime someone says something that goes against the status quo, thus criticizing and often invalidating the world view of those being criticized, they are dismissed as angry, bitter scrooges who are just unhappy assholes. That is where the “angry atheist”  idea comes in.

As Mark Twain once said, “whenever you find yourself on the side of the majortiy, it is time to pause and reflect.” Religious people rarely ever pause when caught up in the zealotry of their religious thinking – with decorum of course because as Mitt Romney taught us after his 47% speech, the problem was that things weren’t “elegantly stated’ – and they most certainly never reflect other than the usual “god’s way” and “god has a plan for all of us” platitudes.

Religion intrudes into non-religious peoples’ lives in insidious ways. I could not care less what someone believes in their personal realm. It only becomes a problem when I am somehow being forced to believe in those superstitions and direct as well as lead my life according to someone else’s beliefs. This is ultimately a question of autonomy. Religion takes away that autonomy.

Religious thinking is rarely confined to one’s personal realm as clearly evidenced by the myriad of policies religious people push for. Take stem cell research, marriage equality, a woman’s right to choose, education, science and pretty much all sectors of life where religious people have stuck their dirty little paws.

This past election cycle alone, the Catholic church spent $2 million dollars of its tax exempt money to fight marriage equality efforts in the four states where marriage equality was on the ballot this fall. They didn’t spend that money to help out the needy, hungry and uninsured. No, they spent it on hatred, one tax exempt dollar at a time.

angry atheist

That makes me angry.

It should make you angry too.

If you do not understand religion’s role in war, murder, slavery, misogyny, exploitation and torment, then you have not studied history or religion and thus are willfully ignorant to the facts laid out in both.

It is not the intangible atheists detest, but the tangible effects of religion. Turning a blind eye to that is not heroic or cute or a fountain of inspiration, it just makes you part of the problem.

Religion, we learn, is the art of being close-minded; it is a realm for the unimaginative. It is a method of finding personal realization in the ignorance of bronze age and first century charlatans. That is sad. Religion is simple, intellectually devoid,  and emotionally rewarding.  People want to find such simplicity in atheism, which atheism, by definition, cannot do. Rationality and inquisitiveness, logic and knowledge based on fact instead of myths, anecdotes and fairy tales do not producthe  simplicity religious people seek.

Another reason atheists may show anger is because they are persecuted and marginalized. And I have to ask why it is that the attacks on rational people and science are so personal and extreme. Since the United States Constitution grants all Americans religious freedom, why do religiopaths believe themselves ordained to subvert the rights of those who do not share their superstitions?

angry atheist

Finally, when it comes to the question of anger, often language, tone and inflection are implied. Directness is mistaken for anger even though there really is no polite way of telling someone that their entire world view is based on myths and fairy tales.  So, don’t be fooled by the false decorum and politeness of religious people. Look at the policies and callous notions their views – disguised under such decorum and kind words like Jesus, love and god and savior – perpetuate.

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Colorado Church Prays for Suspected Gunman Who Killed One of Their Own

Seventy people were shot or injured in the rampage this past Friday in Colorado.  Among the 12 killed was Gordon Cowden, who attended Colorado Community Church.

Cowden, 51, had taken his two teenagers to see the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises, the latest film in the Batman franchise. His children escaped without injury.

Loving father, outdoorsman, and small business owner, Cowden was a true Texas gentleman that loved life and his family,” his family said in a statement. “A quick-witted world traveler with a keen sense of humor, he will be remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying his best to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle.”

During a prayer sermon for Cowden and all those affected by the tragedy, Pastor Robert Gelina had a request which he admitted was, “not going to be easy.” He asked his flock to pray for the alleged gunman, James Holmes, and his family.

Only God is the righteous judge,” he said. “Only God knows how to blend justice and mercy and grace in perfect balance. […] We lift this man up before God, and say, ‘God do what you need to do in this situation.'”

I must say it saddens me to see the level of self delusion religious people are embedded in. God the righteous judge? What is so righteous about what happened to Cowden whose children will grow up and live their lives without their father in it; a father who was killed in a senseless shooting spree by a deranged individual? And only god knows how to “blend justice and mercy and grace in perfect balance”? Exactly what is so just, merciful, perfect and gracious about what happened in Colorado? What is so great about a 27 year old dying on his birthday?

Yeah, trying to fit this pious member’s senseless killing into doctrine and the whole “god has a plan for all of us” and “Jesus loves you” crap should be interesting. But it’s ok, since religion is an invetion and fiction anyway, I am sure they will, true to tradition, come up with something real quick to “fit” that ficiton.

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