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The Way We Deal With War Criminals

Condoleezza Rice Holds Briefing On Bush AIDS Relief Plan

The way we deal with  war criminals in this country is not only giving them high-paying faculty positions at prestigious universities, but also inviting them to colleges to speak at Commencements while paying them $35,000 (which is the low range here).

Condoleezza Rice is one such war criminal and Rutgers University, or to be more precise, Rutgers’ board of governors, is the entity that voted on having this “honored” war criminal over for an  inspirational talk at their Commencement, if you were considering a career as a war criminal that is.

Luckily, the students at Rutgers have the integrity their board of directors is clearly missing, because they have been protesting her appearance, saying they wanted nothing to do with her war-mongering, treasonous ass stating that she may not bother showing up at all.

Rice, who really seems to believe that staging a fraudulent war, lying to the American people, being a supporter and architect of  the murder and torture of hundreds of thousands of innocent people  – on both sides – for oil as well as the destruction of our economy, constitutes “serving her country” and something of an honor (I guess denial is another thing bitch has in common with war criminals). So she decided not to show up at all, stating that while she was “honored” to “serve” her country, she decided not to be at Rutgers so as to not detract from the spirit of the commencement ceremony. (I guess she figured that compared to the bundle she made off of the Iraq war, $35,000 was chump change she could easily forgo).

Good riddance, I say.

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