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Death, Afterlife and Living in the Here and Now

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Creationists Have Nuclear Meltdown Over Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Cosmos”


To make a long story short: a bunch of uneducated, (probably Right wing), definitely Christian nut jobs are having a major cosmic nuclear meltdown of epic proportions over Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “refusal” to include ancient creation myths invented by Hebrews thousands of years ago in a show (Cosmos) that is there to teach science. They are pissin’ and moaning that “Creationists aren’t even on the radar screen for them,” and one genius level offender is whining the way only a chest-thumping, narrow-minded, idiotic Christian can, that “Creationists aren’t even on the radar screen for them” wuah, wuah, wuah. Whatever.

I am not interested in explaining in detail why Creationism and its followers are undiluted vomit subscribing to garbage notions,  but I want to point out that I find it very sad, as well as quite disconcerting, that we live in a world in which rational people are bullied, harassed, and shamed into not only entertaining, but also acknowledging, indulging, accommodating as well as give credence to, and worst of all “respect”, the petty, harmful, idiotic fantasies and fairy tales of a bunch of grown ass adults who just cannot get over the fact that fairy-tale land is not real. That the Earth is not 6000 years old. That a woman was not made using a man’s osteopathic tissue. That there is no way that two freaking people in the form of Adam and Eve could have given rise to a viable population of any kind because even if they did fuck and had children, their children would have had to fuck each other to have more children and so on  – which is not possible.

It is ridiculous that Creationists or religious people in general expect to get equal “air time” to present their garbage beliefs. As if fact-based knowledge, reason and rationality where just the opposite side of the same coin that is religion and it was totally just a matter of personal belief which side one was on.

Evolution isn’t the idea of one man (Darwin, deGrasse Tyson etc) trying to prove his ideas. Evolution is the preponderance of many scientific disciplines coming to the same conclusion. Evolution is fact. It is not a matter of personal belief or opinion. Just because we are learning more about ourselves and the universe does not mean evolution is man-made crap based on faith and conjecture, like religion.

I don’t know why NdGT  – or anyone really  – should feel obliged to accommodate the bullshit fairy tales of Creationists/religious people in the first place. In fact, maybe if we stopped allowing these foolish dildos to constantly interject their backwards, harmful belief into all aspects of society, we may actually get somewhere as a nation and as a peoples.

Finally, it is interesting that people who believe that a man can walk on water, come back from the dead like a zombie, be born to a virgin, heal the sick with a touch and a host of other absurd crap in the Bible, would assert that there is not enough “evidence” for evolution. That really is the height of unmitigated hypocrisy, also of cosmic proportions.

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I Have a Book

need more books

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Matthew McConaughey And the Delusion of Religious People

The ignorance and arrogance of religious people (and with that I usually mean “Christians” because I live in a country where Christianity is the predominant religion) never ceases to both amaze and repulse me.

I know the need to believe in a god and/or creator is a powerful one for a lot of people and often hard to resist; existential uncertainty can be terrifying and the idea of a daddy-figure who watches over you and takes care of you and makes it all ok – be it now or later in the “afterlife”  – is a powerful, reassuring and calming notion.

And isn’t that what religion ultimately is, an emotional pacifier enabling people to derive meaning from their otherwise seemingly arbitrary existence in an uncertain world at best and a tool to control, sway and subjugate the masses, at worst? As Karl Marx once said, religion is the opiate of the masses. It is “excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet [and what] keeps the poor from murdering the rich”  Napoleon once remarked.

So I get it, religion is useful for both those who have a seemingly innate need to believe and cannot fathom existence without a god and creator as well as for those who have understood how religion works and who subsequently have been exploiting that need to believe in order to push their own  – often sinister – agenda of control and subjugation in the name of god and holy entities.

So I certainly do understand the psychological need for religion and god but what I will never understand is how this need can be so strong that it subdues rationality, common sense and deductive reasoning leading to willful ignorance and right-out idiocy and callousness, which is so emblematic of religion and its followers.

matt mc C

God does seem to work in mysterious ways

Case in point, Matthew McConaughey and his best actor Oscar acceptance speech which he began by thanking and praising “god” for giving him “opportunities that are not of my hand or of any other human hand.” Religious conservatives cheered his acceptance speech as a brave strike against Hollywood’s pervasive secular bias, claiming that the Oscar crowd was “rattled” and “quieted” by McConaughey’s praise for the lord.

The truth of religion and god aside, it seems moronic, not to mention deeply arrogant and right out callous, for anyone to believe that an all powerful, benevolent supernatural being that allegedly created the entire universe with its billions of galaxies and trillions of stars and solar systems would care about the career and work of privileged thespians.

One would think “god” would have more important issues of life, death and suffering to contend with than being bothered about the career of athletes and Oscar trophies for millionaires.

Of course, when a non-religious person points out that these notions are facile at best and demeaning at worst, they risk being condemned as “strident,” “mean” and “haters” or at least disrespectful of religious sensibilities. However, since religious supremacy is the dominant paradigm in our society, and since atheists, according to a recent study done by a group of psychologists in the U.S. and Canada, are the least trusted of all listed categories aside from rapists, our society is skewed favorably towards religion and quite unfavorably towards critics of religion.

The emotional pull of our tribal identity almost always trumps our capacity to actually weigh the evidence, which is why facts, and deductive reasoning play such a tragically small role in everyday decision making by law-makers and the institutions of our society and thus are viewed with so much suspicion, leading to the kind of ignorant, blind, self-righteousness as exhibited by Matthew McConaughey and athletes in post-game interviews who seriously believe that it is absolutely plausible and reasonable to believe that an invisible deity who creates whole universes is also endlessly interested in their personal thoughts and successes and award-status.

Why is that a problem, you ask? Why not let McConaughey thank whomever and whatever he wants, be it god, trolls or hobbits? Because not criticizing ignorance to this extent and thus religious people, gives credence to their ignorant notions, aiding in their perpetuation with respect to all aspects of society and legislation. As long as we care more about catering to the religious and their sensibilities than we do about encouraging the open questioning of the claims of the faithful – claims that are, more often than not, detrimental, dehumanizing and harmful to people and society overall,  religious supremacy will continue fucking it up for the rest of us.

As Dante once said, the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis remain neutral.

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Checkmate, Atheists


I don’t know what’s worse: Ray Comfort and his dribble or the 147 people who clicked “Like”. But I guess this is what happens when you are lobotomized by fear and ignorance.

Is the idea of there not being a higher power so unbearable that people will remain willfully, purposefully and grossly ignorant? That just does not resonate with me. I do not know how people go through life like that.

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The Scale of the Universe – Interactive Map

scale of universe 2


scale of universe

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Just For Us

Atheism, the Arrogant Belief That The Billion Galaxy Universe Was Not Just Created For Us


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