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Corporations No Longer Need Republicans To Do Their Bidding

The greedy, corporate, tax-evading pricks over at Apple Inc.said that they will not offer computers and other technological support to the Republican National Convention this coming July because of Trump’s comments about women, immigrants and minorities. The decision by one of the United States’ largest and most popular companies is the biggest corporate defection from the Republican convention, where the party will formally nominate Donald Trump.

News outlets and Clinton supporters are beside themselves with joy, seeing this as a significant win for progressive groups, which are pressuring major companies to boycott the convention over Trump.

And I am beside myself with outrage at how fucking naive and stupid people actually are.

The truth of the matter is that Apple will not endorse the RNC, not because of Trump’s stance on women and immigrants, whom they could not give a flying fuck about given their track record of running slave labor overseas and evading taxes here, but becasue Apple and all these corporations don’t need the Republicans anymore to do their bidding!!!

Hillary will be taking care of that from now on, just like she always has been.

And you know why? Because Hillary Fucking Clinton is a corporate shill and essentially a moderate Republican. She would have been a rising star in Ronald Reagan’s administration.

I really cannot believe how utterly deluded and naive people are. I cannot believe that they are buying this bullshit about corporations like Apple and all having finally turned a new leaf.

They have not.

And they are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, or because they care about immigrants, women, blacks or anyone. They are doing it becasue a Clinton presidency is not going to hurt their bottom line, and they know it.  They do not care what the party they support is called as long as it helps them.

I mean, even the Koch Brothers have endorsed Clinton. the KOCH BROTHERS, who are the poster child of sinister corporate greed.

People need to realize that all those Republicans distancing  themselves from Trump are not doing so becasue they necessarily disagree with Trump’s stances on women, immigrants, the poor, blacks and what have you. They do so because the crass way Trump says things makes them look back. It is much harder to get even stupid people on your side and to vote against their own self interest when you are blatantly homophobic, misogynistic and racist and thus bigoted.

Trump is not saying anything out loud that the Republicans have not been dog-whistling about to their constituents and “shareholders” and creating policies for, for decades now using polite language and euphemisms. They just don’t like him becasue Trump’s crassness is so off-putting to people.

And the goes for Apple.

It would look really bad for Apple Inc to endorse Trump. No one would buy the stupid, overpriced shit anymore and people would start boycotting them too.

I am really dismayed at the state of affairs lately. It is like everyone has fallen into this collective stupor that does not allow them to see things for what they are. It is like as a nation we are digging ourselves ever deeper into a mess of our own creation.

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Apple Wins Lawsuit Against Samsung; Gets Awarded $1 Billion

In a trial that began on July 31, 2012, Apple claimed that some Samsung gadgets had copied design elements of the iPhone and iPad; Samsung countered that Apple had infringed on some of Samsung’s patents. Apple requested that Samsung pay damages of $2.5 billion, while Samsung asked for $422 million for Apple’s alleged violations.

Yesterday the verdict finally came in where the jury ruled that Samsung did violate some Apple patents and Apple was rewarded  $1,051,855,000 for infringing on patents. Samsung is seeking to have this decision overturned.

I must say that it makes me sick to know that this greedy company that gets tax breaks for employing more people overseas than in the US in quasi slave labor shops gets even more money awarded. They paid 11% in taxes last year on a $35 billion income.

Apple is part of the 1% and the 1% must go. No more of this unequal wealth distribution at the back of the unfortunate and those who get paid below meager wages to slave away at their factories. Those are human beings too, not to mention that in this very country tax payers are basically carrying the economic burden so that companies like Apple pay extremely little in taxes while posting multi billion dollar profits. Middle class wage earners pay a whopping 35 percent of their incomes in taxes without any loopholes, while Apple is basically paying nothing. The 11% is the reported tax rate. The check they actually sent to the IRS is probably far less – if anything at all.

Steve Jobs man of the year my ass. Getting rich by exploitation is a time honored tradition he has in common with all slave traders and imperialists. Only that he did it in a high tech fashion as opposed to the crude ways of his predecessors. But in essence it is exactly the same thing.

I am all for free markets and competition and people being rich and rewarded for their hard work, but this is just going too far. Under the guise of capitalism and freedom, the United States has managed to become a haven for greed of the few at the expense of everyone else. I am sure people like their iPods and iPads but the price to be paid to own such items should not be forgotten.

I hope people realize that marx predicted all this.”

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