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Cruel and Unusual: Trump’s Budget Proposal

By Dan Rather

“Cruel and unusual,” the phrase rings in my head as I read the press reports of President Donald Trump’s proposed budget.

But to even talk about it as a budget is to miss the point. It is not a budget. It is a philosophy, and one that may come as a surprise to many of the people who voted for Mr. Trump. They will hurt in real ways. Meanwhile it confirms the worst existential fears of those who see his presidency as a threat to the very being of the United States they know and love.

This is a man who made a lot of promises on the campaign about helping those struggling in society, about leading the United States to greatness in such things as fighting disease. If anyone had any doubt about the hollowness of his words, this philosophy is all the evidence one would need.

This is a philosophy that doesn’t believe in helping the poor, rural or urban, or the power of diplomacy or the importance of science. It is a philosophy that doesn’t want to protect the environment. It doesn’t believe in the arts. This is about putting a noose around much of the United States federal government and hanging it until it shakes with life no more. In the name of reining in waste, it rains pain and suffering amongst the Americans who already are the most vulnerable. It must be remarked that many of these programs are really small budget items in the greater scheme of things, rounding errors in the federal budget. The purpose is to send a message, not to save money.

Rather than investing in what truly will make America great, this philosophy pounds its chest with false bravado. People will die because of this budget. People will suffer. Diseases will spread, and cures will not be found (really? slash science research?) Our nation will be darker and more dangerous. You know it’s a philosophy because the budget has few details really in it. And here is where I see its saving grace.

This philosophy is not the United States I think a majority of Americans would recognize. I believe that we are not so cruel, so shortsighted, so dark. It’s easy to rail against the federal government on the campaign stump, but cutting programs that people rely on, that is the kind of thing that can break through the fake news into reality very soon. We have already seen the mess that has become of the health care efforts.

This philosophy is no longer theoretical and it will be a rallying cry for a reverse philosophy. Those who champion an empathetic America, an America prepared for the challenges of the modern world, will have plenty of evidence to point to. Mr. Trump has already put many Republicans in Congress on a defensive footing, on Russia and on healthcare. Wait until the constituents start calling about how they won’t be able to heat their homes in the winter or the agricultural programs that were slashed.

“The administration’s budget isn’t going to be the budget,” Senator Marco Rubio told the Washington Post. “We do the budget here. The administration makes recommendations, but Congress does budgets.” You can expect to hear a lot more of that kind of rhetoric.

Mr. Trump’s philosophy is an opening salvo in a battle for the soul of America that is only beginning. This will be a battle fought trench by trench. But I think it is winnable and America will reconfirm a governing philosophy that is hopeful, compassionate, and wise about the role of government in making our world a safer, fairer, and more just place to live.”

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Today in Conversations With Theists


This is one of the most unintelligently argued statements I have ever read reeking of deliberate misinformation, conflation of unrelated facts, logical fallacy and just pure sophistry.

I might also add the unintended hilarity of them putting “Atheist” dark ages on there because we all know who was responsible for the actual Dark Ages.  Ha ha, joke’s on you, sucker….

Anyway, North Korea is not using science and reason to do anything. Quite the opposite. The North Korean regime uses jingoism, brainwashing and sequestration of their population from the outside world, as well as pure obedience to uniformity to achieve the totalitarian shit-hole they have created.

They don’t employ science and reason to do anything. The only science they use is how to make nukes. That is where it ends. They don’t engage in trade, they don’t exchange ideas and they can’t even feed their own population, which they could if they actually used science for any purpose other than making weapons of mass destruction.

Second, just like any other dictatorship, especially a Communist one, they have abandoned the church and religion in general because it is just another competing institution next to the Communist dictatorship they are running.

And this is where most people get it wrong when they pick some dictatorship such as Stalin’s Communist Russia or Hitler’s Nazi Germany  – all of which admonished religion – to argue that atheism causes totalitarianism. What such arguments fail to understand is that totalitarian leaders don’t oppose religion and/or god on philosophical grounds, they only oppose them because they don’t want church leaders and Popes competing with the obedience to The Fuhrer or Supreme Leader that is running the country.

Ever note how the North Korean leader is equated to a god? With his picture hanging on everyone’s walls and even how and when the first one in the line was born is shrouded in some religious mystery? The Korean Central News Agency describes Kim Jong-un as “a great person born of heaven“, a propaganda term his father and grandfather had enjoyed as well.  According to official biographers of the North Korean state, Kim Jong-un father’s birth at Baekdu Mountain was foretold by a swallow, and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow across the sky over the mountain and a new star in the heavens. In reality, that murderous charlatan was born in the Soviet village of Vyatskoye without any rainbows and shit appearing.

As I have mentioned before, trying to have a constructive, intelligent and meaningful conversation with religious people is almost impossible because it is impossible to have a meaningful conversation with an entity that uses fiction such as the Bible, god and Jesus, as the “back up” and back bone of their arguments. However, it is not just that. When religious people do try to make an argument against atheists, for instance, without even employing the Bible and “god”, it still stinks because they cannot even do that right. Case in point, the pathetic attempt above trying to pass as truly intelligent thought when in reality it is just as coherent of a thought-process as their belief in a fictional entity.

I recommend whoever came up with this ridiculous dribble actually do their research and maybe try this thing called fact-based arguing and deductive reasoning, but I know I expect too much of entities that believe the earth is 6,000 years old.

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